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EMT Certification, Licensing, Training and Examination Requirements by State

South Dakota EMT and Paramedic Licensing and Certification Exam Requirements

South Dakota EMS - Probably the best state EMS agency site on the web. South Dakota Emergency Medical Services.

EMT Forms and Applications - About every form you will need to be an EMT or Paramedic in SD.

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If you want to work in South Dakota as an EMT you will need to be certified by the NREMT or National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. This process requires that you complete a two part examination. The first part of the exam is the cognitive or computer based exam that has you answer questions one at a time (multiple choice) until the testing application has determined whether you pass or fail. There is no set amount of questions on the test, but it will be between 70-150. The number of questions you get on the exam has nothing to do with how well you did. You can pass with only taking 70 questions or you might end up with 150 and pass.

A great way to prepare for the NREMT exam is to subscribe to the EMT practice testing application here on EMT National Training. Thousands of EMT and Paramedic questions for you to sharpen your skills before going into the real NREMT exam. All questions come with the correct answers and reasoning so you can learn from the things you missed.

The practical segments of the NREMT exam are constructed to test your physical aptitude with regard to the skills necessary to be an EMT. The NREMT has 15 Basic practical skill sheets from which each of the practical segments are created. You will only be tested on a handful of them, but you will not be told before hand which ones they are. This requires you to be proficient in all of them prior to testing. Here is a list of EMT-Basic and FR Practical Test Dates

If you want to work as a Paramedic in South Dakota you will have to be licensed by the state as well as nationally certified by the NREMT. A license is not required to be an EMT-Basic but it is for Paramedic. The licensure is issued from the Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners and not the state.

South Dakota Emergency Medical Services
Bob Graff, Director
118 West Capitol Ave.
Pierre, South Dakota 57501

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