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"You will not find a more comprehensive online study guide for the NREMT Test than at emt-national-training.com. My test scores proved it",
Scott Hill, EMT-i85

EMT Certification, Licensing, Training and Examination Requirements by State

The explanations are what really set national training apart from other sites. Would highly recommend for this reason.

natasha ramirez

This website has definitely helped me pass my NREMT EMT-B! After failing the first time i bought this and used as recommended and i passed!

Tiana Smith

Before using EMT National Training, I had taken the NREMT twice before, the first time I was cut off at 120 and the second time I was cut off at 71, both times I failed. I was told about EMT National Training from a fellow classmate who bought the subscription and passed his second time. I can honestly say, EMT National Training is worth the money you pay. If it weren't for this site, I may have failed a third time. Their practice quizzes and test along with the simulation give you an understanding of why the answers are what they are. If you are having any doubt and want to pass the NREMT with flying colors, purchase a subscription. Thank you EMT National Training.


I studied a good amount throughout the summer before taking my first attempt on the NREMT for Paramedic. I went into the test feeling fairly confident, but ended up failing my first attempt. During the mandatory 2 week wait to re-attempt the NREMT, I bought a 1 month subscription to EMT National Testing. I took individual topic practice tests multiple times daily, and the NREMT styled test every other day for 2 straight weeks. I freshened up on the questions I missed as well.

2 weeks went by and today I recieved the results from my re-test, I PASSED! This website and their practice tests are perfect for Registry prep. I would recommend studying material as well of course but the way the questions are worded here are almost identical to the NREMT. I would recommend treating these quizzes as the real deal. Read the question - eliminate the obviously wrong answers - re-read the question and choose the right answer. Every. Single. Time. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to prepare and have the best chance at passing the registry. It worked for me!

John Radatz

I just wanted to put out there what a great site this is to prepare for the national registry exams. I have utilized this site for both my EMT B and also my AEMT registry exams and passed both exams on the first try. As long as you go through and use the practice exams on the different sections and pay attention to the rationales and go back and study what you miss. Just keep going through these different sections and ultimately get 80s or higher on the different sections. After that start taking the simulation exams you will have no problem passing the national registry. Once again, i would like to thank emt-national-training for developing this site.

Daron S

This is the best tool for anyone to use while studying for the National Registry. The questions aren't exactly the same but they give you a great idea on how to break the questions down. I am a witness to what results you can receive. My EMT-Basic test took me to 120 questions. I was on edge the whole time but i remained calm and confident all because of EMT National Training. I am absolutely going to use this for my AEMT Test. I would recommend this site to anyone because it is in fact POSSIBLE to pass the National Registry using this website every single day!!!

Shukara Wells

After taking the NREMT my first time, and failing, I was lost. I did what my school told me and studied my book, I took to the internet and wanted to find some place that could help me study and pass. I can honestly say it was well worth the money and after only using it for a month, I passed my second attempt at taking the test. I will tell anyone before taking the NREMT the first time to use this site! Thank you again for helping me!

Carrie O'Connor

I used other forms of studying trying to prepare for my EMT-P NREMT exam and failed 2 times. i started using this site taking practice exams EVERY DAY! the simulator on here is amazing and the questions make you think like you need to for registry. im happy to say that with 1 day left of my subscription i took registry and passsed it! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS SITE!!!

Alex Mueller

Thank you so much! Couldn't have done it without ya!

Victoria Marshall

I've been a licensed EMT since 1995, before a National Registry existed. Since I was grandfathered into the system I was not required to take the NREMT exam. That was fine with me as I never planned on leaving the state I was licensed in. Well, I moved to another State a couple of years ago and have not been able to practice as an EMT. So now I wanted to take the test. I've never worked as an EMT only volunteering my skills for charity events, marathons, etc. The thought of taking this exam after all of these years was terrifying. I found this training site and read the testimonials. I figured this would be my best chance of passing. After 4 months of studying using this site, I took my test 3 days ago and passed the first time! The test questions were a lot of scenario questions and none of the questions were in the study site, but it helped me be prepared for the formatting of the questions and the types of answers to select from. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Suzanne Golbricht

I took a lot of the practice tests including the two hour practice test on this site. The most important thing it did for me was identify my weaknesses. I passed my AEMT on the first attempt. I believe this training was a part of my success. Thanks!

Ron Hemsworth

I have been a working medic for almost 15 years, and had only my state certifications in the areas I worked. I decided it was about time to get my NREMT. Because I was pretty concerned about not recalling a lot of the book material, I purchased this training prior to taking my test. Thanks for all of the great info! My NREMT test cut off at 78, and I was worried that I had bombed it or something, but found out this morning that I had indeed passed it! I definitely recommend this training to people who have been out of school for awhile too so that you can re-familiarize yourselves with the NREMT test lingo. It isn't as much what you know, but how well you decipher what the heck they are asking in the first place. Thanks again for the help Emt-National-Training.com!!

Tara V

This website is probably the best website to prepare for the NREMT test. It helped me learn a lot of the minor things that can easily be forgotten. I passed the NREMT test on my 3rd try that ended at 86 questions. I didn't use this website the first time, but I should have. It took me a lot of studying but it paid off. I didn't see any questions that really matched up with the practice questions on this website, but it helped me remember and learn more about certain injuries, illnesses, and anatomy.

Alex Tisler

This website really helped! My sister and I took and EMT-Basic class together in Idaho and have both used this website to practice for the real exam and we passed. The best part about using this website's practice exams is it tells you WHY you answered a question incorrectly rather than just telling you that you are WRONG.

We passed at the top of our class.

Phillip Bucklein

Like an idiot I let my EMT lapse. I had to do a 24 hour refresher course and pass the exam to get reinstated and I truly believe this website helped me tremendously! Did the 24 hour refresher and took who knows how many practice tests and passed the first time with only 70 questions. I will highly recommend this website to anyone and anybody that I personally know to prepare you for the registry!!!

Daniel Z.

Daniel Zytowski

Thank you EMT National for helping me pass the NREMT test the first time. You had some questions on your test that we didn't even have in school which made me dig for more information. I needed that. Thanks again.

Dan Morton

I graduated medic school and took my national registry 2 weeks later and failed. I failed every part. I went back home and found this site and paid the $69. I took tests for a month and made flash cards on the stuff I was missing more than once or just did not quite know. I took my test yesterday and passed. This program taught me how to get in the mindset of reading the questions and choosing the right answer. The first time I took my test I went into panic mode and never looked back. My second attempt was more relaxing, Thanks Big Time.

James Barlow

Just a note to let you know that I passed my NREMT exam on the first go. While I saw very few questions from this site on the actual exam, it did generally prepare me for what was to come overall. The way in which the EMT National Training testing is delivered, answer tracking and large database of questions and minimal repeat questions make for a very robust experience. I would highly recommend EMT National Training for those who are looking for a comprehensive online testing prep package.

Kenneth S

I used your site every night before bed for about a month. I failed my EMT-Paramedic test 3 times and this was my fourth attempt. I got absolutely nothing from the refresher (it was online) and I was looking for something to change my study habits. I still find it hard to believe, however, I just found out I passed my test! I can't tell you how appreciative I am. Especially since I didn't realize my account expired only a few days prior to the test and I planned on using your program up until the night before. I wrote you an email, asking if there was any way I could pay for only a few days of use versus buying the whole month's package. I got a reply the same day stating they unlocked my account and gave me access until my test, at no cost. I just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation. I will be recommending you to all my friends going through medic school right now and my only regret is wishing I had started using your practice tests sooner. Thanks again!

Andrew S

Excellent preparation for the National Registry test and equally excellent customer service. I opted for a 3 month subscription which ran out 1 week prior to my scheduled test date. With nothing more than a simple email request my subscription was extended 1 week so I could continue taking practice tests and finish preparing for my test which I passed on the first attempt. I highly recommend this service to anyone preparing to take the National Registry test.

Terry Cook

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for this awesome program/practice tests. This really helped me prepare for and PASS my NREMT. I took my NREMT this morning and passed it on my first attempt. Thank you!!!

Michael A

I recommend this for anyone testing. I used this and passed it on my first try. The questions on this site are very similiar to the ones on the national, VERY SIMILAR. I plan on using it on my paramedic.

Cesar Gutierrez

I passed my National the first time. It shut me off after 80 questions. I was sure I had failed but your program worked. The
50$ investment was well worth it.
Thanks, Steve, NREMT

Steven Willis

Thank you to EMT-National-Training! The first time taking the NREMT test I failed miserably but I did not use this website. After signing up for it and following the instructions by the staff I passed my second time around.
This website is the perfect study material with similar questions to the actual NREMT and the rationales are very helpful.

Thanks again,

Dara Nunan

I passed!!!! I went from failing every section to passing my NREMT-B in 3 weeks...Builds confidence and knowledge! It tells you what you got wrong and why you got it wrong. That's what helped me the most! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this web site!!!! Well worth the money when it gets you a passing score and you dont have to pay to test again.

Randall Katich

I went and took my NREMT Paramedic yesterday found out today I passed. The first time I attempted did not use this site the second time i took it i did. This is the best study tool you can get and the staff has only one desire and thats for you to achieve your EMS goals Thanks for the great product

shannon mangum

This is the third time I have purchased EMT test prep from EMT National Training. Each time I have used this product to prepare for the EMT-B, and EMT-I. I passed the exam the first time. So I am back again to prepare with EMT National Training for the NRP. Great product, Great customer service, worth every penny!

J Pratt

J Pratt

I signed up for one month and studied hundreds of questions. I took the National Registry test and passed on the first try! Definitely worth the price of $49.95.

A. Blackburn

Alexander Blackburn

I passed my psycho-motor exam last Saturday (first try and the first available test date in my area after the holidays) and sat for the NREMT written yesterday evening.

I was terrified I'd failed. It shut down at 70 questions and I got a lot of convoluted diagnostic scenario questions which I was worried about.

Registry posted this morning and I passed!

Thank you, and thank you for your responsiveness to my questions while I was studying. I bought several test prep subscriptions (because I am obsessive that way) and yours by far was the best of the lot. I know it made a big difference in my readiness to take the exam.

Stephanie I

The paramedic study guide has been essential to helping me pass. I feel 100% more confident now that I've been studying with your program. I tell all of my coworkers and fellow paramedics to register with you and it will almost be a guaranteed pass. So far I'm very happy with this product.


You guys are the bomb diggity. I answered exactly 790 questions from your program and passed my NRP today! My first two attempts at the NRP were without this website, but on the third, a co-worker of mine suggested this site and it worked wonders. This website is great for medics who've been out of school for a few years like me. Thank you EMT NT!

Ryan Church

First off, let me say I've never written a review/testimonial before in my life but I have to give credit where credit is due. I took the NREMT-B before, back on 9th of July 2015 and wasn't successful. I used this website but didn't use it like I should have. The administrative staff was very helpful and quick at responding to my request for an extension. They gave me the recommendations for how to use their site effectively and that's what I did. I took the NREMT-B again on 21st October 2015 and received my results the same day. There it was, PASSED! I can't thank this website enough. I am forever grateful and going to recommend this site to any and everyone wanting to take the NREMT. THANK YOU EMT NATIONAL TRAINING!

terrence johnson

Well worth the money! Passed my NREMT first time! Even though the questions on the real exam are different then those found on this site, they are similar and provide you the needed test taking skills and logic. If I passed first time anyone can.

Thank You EMT National Training

Scott E.

I just took the NREMT exam for the second time and passed. I did not use your site the first time, but I would just like to thank you for all your help in extending my subscriptions. I felt very prepared going into the test and my results showed it! I would definitely recommend this site to a friend or anyone preparing to sit for the NREMT. I definitely will use your site/ other products as I further my education into the medical field!

Thanks for all your help EMT-national-training,
Matt S.

Matt S

This is by far the best study guide/testing practice I have used. I passed my NREMT the first time with no trouble. Other sites claim that their questions are just like the NREMT. Those are no where near the accuracy of Emt national training. Thank you for this service! On to paramedic!

Joshua Fisher

This was the best purchase I made to help me pass the EMT test. I am extremely happy with the results

Shannon Tucker

I'm a returning user, and I just wanted to say thanks. For the second time in three years, your site has helped me prepare to recertify taking the NY State medic exam. It was particularly helpful with the anatomy and physiology that we all tend to forget because it doesn't come up on the job very often. Being able to make exams only from missed questions is a great feature.

Took my exam last night, got a 96% on the BLS portion and a 92% on the paramedic section. Your site was much more helpful than my actual medic refresher course. Will definitely subscribe yet again for my next refresher.

Thanks again,

Steven W

Long testimonial but worth a read for anyone who is struggling! I want to start by saying I have taken many tests and passed them all on the first try. I even graduated top of my class. But when it came to the national I could not for the life of me pass this test. The first time I tried the exam, I didn't really study much but my test result break down seemed pretty close to passing so I figured if I studied I would definitely get it next time. For my next test I did everything I was told to do by other people who have taken the test. I used a different site and studied several days a week for 2-3 months. I had everything practically memorized and I thought I aced the test - I bombed it. I was devastated and my testing self-esteem just plummeted. I didn't know how to approach this exam. I was reading testimonials here and came across someone struggling similar to me. He posted that the administrators of the site recommended he do at least 400 questions in each category. So that is what he did and he passed. So I gave it a shot. I went in there feeling great at first but then coming across some questions I was unsure of so it gave me a shaky feel. The test shut off at 80 questions and passed! I really didn't think it was possible for a period of time but this site put me back on track. The administrators were also very helpful in communicating with me about my subscription. Thank you guys!


After failing the test the first time, I became extremely discouraged. A classmate who passed the test told me about EMT National Training and how it helped him. I purchased it and used it for 2 months. I passed the NREMT-Paramedic yesterday!!! Through the grace of God EMT National works. I honestly didn't think it was helping but it was and I passed and thank you so much!!

Kimberly W

Worked out great! Was a huge help. I passed the registry in 68 questions!!!! Worth every penny.

Tim Alger

This was my 3rd time testing for the National Reg EMT. However this was my first time using this website to study for the NREMT. After going through your guys recommended use of how to best make use of the quizzes, I passed the test! Thank you guys for helping my out. I still walked out of the testing center unsure on how good I did. But when I got the results a few hours after I was overwhelmed with joy that I had passed. I recommend this site for anyone who needs to study for the NREMT.

Aidan Magee

As part of my Recertification process for Washington state, I had to take the NREMT-P written exam. I graduated Paramedic school in 1986. To say the least, I was a bit rusty with taking this type of exam. The practice tests showed what my strong areas were & where I was weakest. This enabled me to focus my studying for the test which I passed successfully. Thanks for having a product like this available. Gerry

Gerard Hickson

I highly recommend purchasing this study exam. It has been almost two years since I received my certification and I passed my nationals exam. Very grateful for the help!

misty byrum

I took the AEMT test yesterday it was really hard the website was great help for the right mind set but also don't forget your book.

Jesse Cooley

Thank you EMT online study guide! The format of your site was very helpful and useful in preparing me to take the National Registry exam. I followed the site suggestions for how to use the study guide, use of assessment sheets, and vital signs. The simulation timed exams were also very helpful as they taught me to take my time, read the question at least twice before looking at the answers, and read each answer carefully. The rationales helped me to see why I missed a question and provided me with other study sources. I also appreciate how the site kept track of my progress. I was able to see my strength and weaknesses in each category and able to adjust my studies accordingly. I would also like to say how much help Juleen was. She was always willing to help me with questions I had and was very patient and friendly in explaining how to look for key words in questions to determine the correct answer. She also provided additional suggestions such as memorizing the Glaucoma Scale, rules of nines, and vital signs. I subscribed to this course on 12/05/2014 and thanks to you, I passed the National Registry Exam on 02/27/2015! I would recommend this course to anyone preparing to take the National Reg. Exam. Thank you. GL of KY.

Gary Lake

I would like to say thank you to the people that are involved with this program.I took EMT-B class last spring (2014).It was my third time taking the class. First time didn't pass midterm, second time passed the class but couldn't pass national registry. Third time passed the class with 95% and then I started to study for national registry. My teacher told me to use a website called fisdap but I didn't like it. It had the same questions over and over. Then I went back to my roots and started to use emt national training. I have gotten great reviews from other people that have used it and passed first time. What I like about this program is the divers questions you have different topics and it grades you on your performance. So I took national registry in July 2014 and passed the first time around, Again thank you guys for helping.

Brett Watkins

Brett Watkins

This site is everything people say it is. It is so helpful and worth every penny. I paid money for another site to prep for the registery. I didn't pass the first time. I purchased this for one month and I passed my second time through. So yes a 10 out of 10. You won't be disappointed. The questions are just like the national registry test.

mark sedlacek jr

I just wanted to take a quick moment and send a huge "Thank You" to everyone! I used your site to help prepare for my NREMT and I passed first time around. After I graduated last year, I fell ill and dealt with some serious health issues. I was way behind and seriously needed a good refresher. I found that pick-me-up through your services! I will definitely spread the word onto others in the field!

Jeffery Robertson

I want to thank you and your group for assisting me with passing my assessment. I let my state card expire (OH), and in order to get it back I had to take the National Registry Assessment. I have not taken the National Registry since 2009. The practice questions definitely made it a positive experience! Only had 62 questions! Thank you

Anthony Mahone

Excellent product. I liked the feed back and rationale given for each of the test questions. The description for how to take a test and how to decode questions and answers helped me pass registry on the first try. Thank you so much.

Anne P

This is the third time I have purchased an EMT test prep from EMT National Training. Each time I have used this product to prepare for the EMT-B, and EMT-I I passed the exam the first time. So I am back again to prepare with EMT National Training for the NRP. Great product, Great customer service, worth every penny!

Josh P

The first 2 times I took the exam I didn't really study and just relied on my own knowledge. After using this program and learning how to read the questions and understand the reasoning behind the answers I PASSED!! I recommend this to anyone who needs and wants to pass this test. It works!!

Christina Schumacher

Hi....I started my career in 1976 becoming one of the first females to become avolunteer firefirefight,EMT,dispatcher at carmel Volenteer Fire Department for 10 years.Incorporated also serving as emt for our county ems service.became anRN,spent 32 years in the ED,did travel nursing,shipboard nursing then advance to critical care transport nursing via ground ambulance.I am currently an emt skills instructor through our local college for the past 5 years.I am now tutoring privately,and conducting a class to prepare students after they have passed EMT class.how to pre pare to pass the National registry using your web site.They must enroll on your website in order to proceed..I must say,every student who took our first prep class..have recently PASSED THE FIRST TIME.Sending you alot of business:)

Michelle I

Amazing site with very useful feedback! I passed my national registry paramedic exam on the first try and I am using this site again as a resource for assorted company hiring exams.

Melissa F

This is a wonderful site to use! I ended up taking the NREMT 4, yes, 4 times. I used this site when I took the test for my 3rd time and failed. It was very upsetting. I had to take a refresher course.I contacted the representatives for this website and not only did I get an extension on my subscription, I actually talked to a representative who told me to do AT LEAST 400 questions each category and I did just that. This 4th time it took the minimum 70 questions and I set myself up for failure again but I passed with flying colors!!! Use this site, it really helps! Know what questions you have and get to know what you don't know. Thanks again, guys! You're amazing!!!

Nick Andrzejewski

Emt-National-Training - a Huge THANK YOU!!!
The section practice tests and the simulated NREMT test are great. Today I passed the NREMT-Paramedic test on the first try.

Over the last month I have done a dozen simulated tests and answered over 2,000 questions. Keep up the great work and if anyone is on the fence on whether to purchase a subscription for practice testing - DO IT - it is well worth the money and time.

Thank you again
Greg EMT-P

Gregory Miller

I paid for the 3 month deal for the AEMT and at first I thought it was crazy because I could not get a 100 on any test. But I tested today and passed for the NREMT-A and I could say that it helped that this test was harder. The NREMT-A was way easier. Thank you!

Jose Bulow

I want to say thank you for your program. I took EMT through the state of Maryland in 1993 and have recertified every 3 years like I am supposed to. I just started my 1st career fire dept. job in Virginia. The state of Virginia is a NREMT state, which I was unaware of. I took the psychomotor exam and passed with no issues. I took the NREMT test in December 2014 and did not pass. I was distraught and overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge needed for the test. I bought your program and used it as often as I could. Well, it paid off. I took the NREMT test again yesterday and PASSED IT!!!!! Thank you again and I think my department is going to use your program as a tool for any new hires from out of state. Thanks Ryan K

Ryan K

I'm an EMT-B Firefighter and I purchased the EMT- Basic pretest a few months ago. The materials they provided helped me pass my test. I'm confident that this website will help me pass my national Advance EMT and also other further testing that I will need in the future. This website has a fair price for anyone trying to pass national registry.

Giovannie D

This program came highly recommended by numerous EMS personnel involved in my training. I have no doubts it will be of great benefit to me now and for future endeavors.

Danna S

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate this site. I took 50 practice tests from your site this month and passed my NREMT at 70 questions! I am highly recommending your site for my other EMT classmates!

Cindi W

The questions on here are close to the NREMT and I am now using it for testing for job positions. EMT National Training helped me pass the real NREMT. Even though I felt like I had failed it, i ended up passing. The questions on the EMT National Training are NOT direct questions but the format of the questions are very similar.

Tyler S

I've used this site for all three of my national tests . Emt-B /emt-I/ Paramedic.I've also successfully passed all three on the first attempt . I give a lot of praise to this website . Shows you how the test thinks and what subjects you probably need to study up on . I have had many friends over the years that would study for this test just out of their books . I would highly recommend this website to them and they never would follow through. They also never passed the test and I feel if they had used this site their outcome would have been different . So if you're on the fence . Don't be ! Just sign up !

Keaton Courtley

I have used this for studying for my Basic and Intermediate and had great results. Now hoping for great results for my Paramedic. Thank you for the help.

Amy B

This Website truly helped me pass the AEMT test the 1st time out! Studied everyday about 30 minutes for a month. Thank you!!

Aaron Lisle

Hello -- I have used your study guides for both my basic and advanced NR tests --- when I didn't pass the advanced written you extended my subscription (as you promised). I passed it with flying colors the second time -- thank you for your wonderful service. I recommend this site for all of my students. Thanks for being there for me and for the industry.

Robert H

I used this site for a one month membership after being out of school for about 6 months. I didn't feel comfortable with what I knew but by using this website I saw areas that I needed to study more and got comfortable with the test format. I did not use the membership as directed. I only used it a few days and a couple hundred questions due to my busy schedule. It expired a day before my test but when I contacted someone they extended it one day for me without any problems. I passed on my first try and I know if you use the membership as advised you won't have any problems doing the same.


I rarely leave reviews but this is an exception. It is said that the national registry will be the hardest test you will ever take. I was valedictorian in my EMT class passing with a class average of 94% holding the highest score so far in the history of the EMT Class, so I was pretty confident going in to take the National. Me and my best friend from my EMT class took the NREMT exam the same day and we both failed, to my surprise. I was cut off after 85 questions and she was cut off at only 36 which is very rare and not good at all. I was sure she failed but thought that I passed, but after I checked the next day I found that I failed too. Another friend of mine who just became a firefighter/EMT recommended this program to me and my classmate. We both studied this program together 1 month before retaking the national, this program gets you to think in a way you never have before, not even in EMT school. Oddly when we both re-signed up for the NREMT we got the same test dates again and this time we both passed! I got cut off at 65 and she got cut off at 75! My results posted the same day, Thank God, because I couldn't wait a whole day being so nervous and my friend's posted the next day. Needless to say we are both Nationally Registered EMT's and we both owe it to this amazing program! Trust me, it's worth it! My advice is to purchase the subscription and Study your socks off!! The national was more challenging than any test I took in EMT school.

Andre Glenn

I am very impressed with the EMT National Training study-aids and practice tests. The study tools alone are invaluble, the practice tests are very close to the National Registry exam. I passed my National Registry Exam on the first try and I believe that this training/study aid was an invaluable resource in helping me prepare for the Written Exam. The great thing about this resource is that I can use it to help me continue to refresh and check my knowledge through out my career as an EMT and I plan on using EMT National Training's study tools and test prep aids for the EMT-ADVANCED and Paramedic National Registry exams. I honestly feel that this was more realistic than the FISDAP which is the common standard used to prepare students for the Written National Registry. I also believe that the practice tests on the EMT National Training website are more realistic in comparison to the actual National Registry Exam than the FISDAP. The practice tests also explain why the answer you chose was either correct or incorrect in a detailed fashion. This alone, unlike FISDAP went miles for me, sometimes knowing why you chose the right answer is just as valuable as knowing why you are wrong. If that alone weren't enough, the detail in which the explanation is presented in both correct and incorrect instances is very helpful. You develop a true understanding of the question when you review exams taken with EMTNT. The information isn't so thick you skim through it but it is presented in thorough but short summaries. I would recommend the EMTNT for any EMT-BASIC, EMT-ADVANCED, or EMT-PARAMEDIC student studying for their National Registry Exam, over or at least in combination with the FISDAP for a first-time pass or successful out come as well as an at home refresher for any EMS professional.

Lucas Stroh

I started my initial EMS training through the military several years ago. After I finished my service I let my EMT certification lapse. Thanks to the studying I did with the EMT National Training subscription I purchased, I was able to pass the NREMT test after only studying for four weeks. Thank you for providing such an amazing and affordable service. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking to certify or recertify in their chosen EMS field.

Joshua Baumlin

I have been working for EMT-National-Training for almost 5 years and recently I was given the opportunity to take the EMT course with EMT & Fire Training Inc. and had to take the NREMT exam to get certified. This was a perfect opportunity for me to put to practice what I had been preaching to all of you that call our company for guidance. I did exactly what our suggestions are and took 350 questions in each category and before moving on to the next category I took all questions from the 'Missed Questions' exams (after studying the rationales on why I missed them). Then when I was hitting 80% consistently in each category I moved on to the Simulation Exams and after getting between 80% and 86% on the first 5, I decided to go take the real thing. I took it at about 9:30 November 24, 2014. The test shut off at 70 questions and I felt like the questions were extremely challenging and I wasn't sure if I passed. I guess that my base knowledge from this test prep and following the suggested method of study did the trick because I passed my first try! I was so excited to share my story with all of you now that I have real experience.

Kathy Robinson

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your help with getting me set up on the right track and using the right material for studying to get ready for my EMT-B Test. As of last night, I passed, and I know that I could not have done it without National Exam's help. I guess the third time is the charm. Thank you for providing such a great study tool as well as a great support staff to stand behind your product.

Timothy Gray

After feeling like nothing after failing my Paramedic Registry, I decided that I needed something to help me get used to taking this kind of exam. After doing over 2800+ questions and a prayer to my God. I was cut off at 80 questions. I was confident but I was still scared until the results were posted. I shouted and screamed and thanked God for it all!!! Thanks http://www.emt-national-training.com

I used this website for 2 months after failing the NREMT-P EXAM and after doing some tough studying and understanding what and why I was missing. I went back and took it again and was cut off at 80 questions. Checked the website hours later and there was the big "CONGRATULATIONS". THANK GOD WE DID IT!!!!

Travis Moore

I used the site for NR-AEMT prep and passed first try. It's a good resource to find out what your weak subjects are and what you need to study.

Daniel A.

I just wanted to state that your web site is amazing! After 10 years away from EMS I decided to re-enter the profession and the only route available was to challenge the National Registry. After months of study and with the aid of your testing, I passed the Registry on the first attempt. To my amazement the Test stopped on the 82nd question with an hour and a half to spare. Yours is a great training and test aid and I highly recommend its use!

William Cline

Just wanted to let you know, and give a big thank you, I scored #1 on the Fire Department selection test to go to the paramedic program in January...I used your EMT study program for the NREMT and it helped me get the edge. Thanks!


I used EMT-National-Training.com practice tests for 1 week to review for the Paramedic NREMT exam. I feel the practice on this website allowed me to go into the exam fully prepared. I passed the Exam on my first attempt in only 80 questions!

Kevin Sanchez

It's definitely a great training tool and I owe it to one of the best proctors I've ever had to sending me it's way. Ace pd the national with it too! Stopped at 70, yeah!

R Jimenez

Trust me when I say I never write testimonials but I just had to give this site the props it deserves. I took my NREMT & failed the first time with 70 questions (while I was top in my class). I am a horrible test taker but I keep at it working hard while purchasing this program. I passed my 2nd try with flying colors!! And I truly believe this site got me there. Thank you to all the people who created this site! I'm soooo stoked!!

Marissa Gonzalez

I believe that EMT Training has no equals in helping anyone succeed in NREMT examinations at any certification level. The "Guarantee to Pass" is very generous but a candidate must put in serious time and study and use the service as a study adjunct to prescribed course material. It is far superior to text book questions at the end of chapters or in most instances better than instructor based tests. What your organization has done best is not only impart knowledge, explain why a given answer is right or wrong, but prepare a student for the adaptive style of testing that NREMT uses. I have examined and even purchased other test prep programs but yours is by far the best compliment to candidates seeking NREMT certification.

William C

I first took my National 3 weeks after my course, i was one of the top students in my class so i was confident in passing the test.I failed horribly! I then looked for something to help me study and found this website bought 1 month and studied a little tried again and Failed !! Again ! I did a lot better than my first try but I was soo discouraged and my subscription was running out soon so i asked for an extension since i failed and they were very fast and helpful on extending my subscription!! They gave me some tips on how to study, i studied everyday for almost 2 months took a lot of SIM test ! And today I'm proud to say i finally passed it !!! Thank you EMT National Training (: 80 something questions & passed !!

Rudy Gomez

After failing the written exam twice immediately after completing my EMT-B course, I was very discouraged and thought that I would never pass this test. I did do very well in the EMT course itself, however that was not enough on its own. After looking into many programs and study guides, I turned to this program for help. I used this program just about every day for a month before taking the written test again. Even if it was a quick ten question practice exam, it helped out a ton. Before I knew it, I became comfortable with the format of the questions being asked, which built up my confidence enough to make my appointment for the third test. I am proud to say that I passed the test on the third try and now I am on my way to becoming a certified EMT. I would highly recommend any EMT candidate to use this program before taking the National Registry exam. Thank you guys so much!!

Richard Juan III

Failed my test 2. Found your site and used it everyday for several weeks. Took my test yesterday and passed at 81 questions. The questions on your site were very close to the NREMT. Thank you and I will highly recommend your site.
Tom B.

Thomas Bruner

I passed my schooling and then found out about this site, I would say on and off I did about 4 maybe 5 months of taking questions and understanding the answers and rationales. Took my test 7-12-14 and PASSED on the first go around. THANK YOU EMTNT.com!! I will highly recommend this site to everyone I know who wants to be an EMT, and maybe in the near future I will come back and study for AEMT or Paramedic.


This site was fantastic.I took my test for EMT-B along with my brother who also subscribed to the site on June 21,2014. The Simulator is dead on.It was just like the National. My brother and I both passed our first time. He had 74 questions I had 112 and even at 112 I still had 40 minutes left on my time. I don't normally comment or promote anything but this site was great. Thanks again, Jim Foster CFD

James Foster

Highly recommend this place, I've been practicing for 3 weeks with this method. Yesterday I took my exam and today I got my results which I passed without any problem and it is the first time I took it. Good luck Everyone...

Arturo Reyes

I am not one to submit testimonials but this website is what got me through NREMT-B. I had taken registry the first time with around 80-90 questions. I failed. Second attempt I took all 120 questions just to fail again. Hitting the books wasn't working till I found this website. I was skeptical at first but later to find out it was so worth my money! I studied once a day for an hour. A week before I was going for my third attempt I started taking as many tests as I could. Finally my last test I took 70-75 questions and passed! This site gave me the help I need and will definitely be using this once I'm about to finish medic school! If you're concerned about taking national registry this is the site to be using.

Mary Bibler

I would highly recommend this site for a paramedic student who is having trouble passing national registry. I am not the best at taking tests In a classroom or online but I know what I'm doing (if that makes sense)In preparing for this national registry attempt I used this website and was able to better understand the questions and answers that were being asked. I have used it in the past and it works.

Travis M

It is an amazing program! I have referred many of my colleagues to this site. Unfortunately I should of purchased the 3 month subscription in the beginning, but I didn't and in the end I had to subscribe 3 individual times...lol ....oh well live and learn. Good Luck Everyone!

Ginamarie K

I'm in tears right now because I just got notification that I passed my NREMT-B CBT test. Two days ago was my second attempt at taking the test and my oh my was it a complete change from the first time. I want to say a huuuuge thanks to the creators and who all were/are involved in making this wonderful EMT National Training site what it is. I went in that test room with the most confidence I've ever had before for taking a test, mind you I'm NOT a good test taker. Almost each time I clicked an answer and then the next button, I knew everything was okay. That all wouldn't have happened had I not decided to try your practice tests and use them the way they should be used each day and night before my test. Sure, I downloaded a couple of apps to my smartphone but nothing at all compared to accessing the EMT National Training site on my phone and practicing your questions and I was so great taking the tests via laptop. The national exam simulation is such a great preparation tool. I'm incredibly thankful and over joyous right now! Now I can move forward toward my career goals! I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this site to any and everyone preparing to take their NREMT exam.

Ashton P
Volunteer FF
Future career FF/EMT

Ashton Phillips

Ryan, Julie & any and everyone else that made my dreams possible at EMT National Training:

Much thanks and gratitude to all of your staff, for your painstaking patience amidst all of my questions, both over e-mail, phone, & chat, I recently received the news of passing my NREMTCAT. I definitely recommend EMT National Training.

If it were not for all of your time invested in me to explain in great detail information such as with NEMS, ems.gov, Wikipedia and other resources on your website, I could not have this achievement.

I look forward very much to serving my communities, as you have blessed me over the past few months.

Thank you so much, and God bless you.



Lauren Niswander

Thank you EMT National Training for preparing me for the NREMT-Paramedic. Using the practice test and other resources I passed at 82 questions. The test questions are similar to the NREMT and they are also a good study tool.

Thanks, D Vaughn NREMT-P

Daniel Vaughn

Thank you !!! I passed after 2 failed attempts. The questions and the format have been so helpful. I can't thank you all enough for the help. I highly recommended you to all in my school for those getting ready to take the NREMT. It stopped me at 70 questions and thinking I failed all day and finally getting the good news was a crazy awesome moment.

Many Thanks,
FF John D.

John Dombrosky

I feel compelled to express my appreciation for your product. I passed the NREMT EMT-B Exam on the first attempt! I know I couldn't have done it without it! The rationale from each question, I found, to be the most helpful and what sets it apart from other study guides I've found online. I look forward to using the paramedic guide when I go on to further my career. Thanks again!

Adam MacDougald

I took my NREMT twice. First I failed after the computer shut me off at 60 questions and then the second time after 120 questions. I was desperate and found this website. This website taught me how to put my knowledge into the questions and helped so much. I just took my NREMT again and passed on 70 questions. This site truly works and I would suggest it to anyone wanting to get Nationally Certified. I will be using this when I take my Paramedic test. Thank you emt-national-training.

Rick - EMT-B

Richard Wozniak

I would like to thank for helping me pass my EMT NATIONAL test my first time out. With out it I am not sure I would have. Thank you again and I will be recommending this site to everyone I know.

James F

feeley james

Let me just say this...I've used this site for my EMT-
B EMT-I and now AEMT and have NEVER failed. Take it from me. This site prepares you for the NREMT exam better then studying any day. I truly believe you could take test after test and have NO knowledge of EMS and still pass the NREMT. That's how good this site is. This is 100% worth your money.

Derek R AEMT

Derek R

Graduated from my medic program September of 2013 , subscribed for 1 month and passed my NR in May of 2014. I was worried that I lost quite a bit of knowledge between my last final and taking the NR but this site alone got me ready for my test. I got 120 questions and passed! This site is awesome.

Tanner Toy

I wish to thank your company for this wonderful site
I passed my NREMT-P

Elena Acornicesei

If it wasn't for this site and the test prep I would not have a license to practice, enough said.

Cody B

This site helped me beyond words in passing the National Registry test. Can't thank whoever runs this enough.

Brian Johnson

This website really does a good job in what to expect. The questions here are very similar to what you see on your NREMT-P. I already recommended to a bunch of people that I know.

Peterson Curalov

I took my AEMT test and passed first attempt. I felt better prepared after doing the test questions. I'm glad that I signed up and I recommend it to all my friends. It was very helpful. THANKS!

Karen Lindquist

The program is more than highly recommended, it's a must. Use this site and other resources as well. My Aemt book is in tatters now because I looked up, and got to understand the answers. Not just a rote thing. See you again come paramedic time.

Michael Tighe

I have just passed my AEMT national exam on the first attempt. It was not easy, but with dedication that it took to take a test from this site every morning, I was well prepared. The test questions are similar. I truly believe that taking the test and to follow up extra studying from the rationale reasons given for the correct answer truly had me prepared. I have never been a great test taker and if anyone out there is walking in my shoes, I would highly recommend the investment of this site to prepare yourself for the AEMT. I had a great instructor that got me ready but this was so similar to the national exam. Go for it.

Rebecca Owens

Hello, I am one of those people that never writes a testimonial on anything but after completing my school with the EMT B I failed the national registry the first round. I then tried studying books and it wasn't helping, so I decided to go to a better source and read these testimonials on this website and so I paid for a one month membership. I studied this site religiously and it definitely helped me work on the areas in which I was lacking. The first time I took the national registry it shut me off at 125 questions and it was a terrible feeling when I got the results that I did not pass. The second time after I studied on this website I went to 120 questions but then I got the news that I passed. I was so excited. I would recommend this website and definitely recommend paying for at least a month membership if you are struggling or have any doubt about passing. If you're one of those people like myself, that I struggle to take a test, you would be crazy not to use this website good luck to all of you out there and I wish you the best of luck! 4/7/14

Todd Liscombe

Upon completion of my EMS class, our instructor told us about this EXAM site. She said some of her previous students had used this website to study for the NREMT EXAM! So, I decided to purchase a one month subscription. It was great being able to study the questions anytime I wanted and the ability to make a test out of the questions, was a great learning tool! So come test day I was a little nervous, but confident after using the test provided by the website. I checked in and started taking the test, the questions were worded just like the test I had taken on this website! I felt good about the way the test was going until around 50 questions, the test cut off! I really thought I had failed, because my fellow classmates that had taken the test said it cut off around 70-75 questions. I made a phone call to a friend and he couldn't believe that I had finished the test, once again I thought I had failed! So, I had to wait until Monday to find out my results! On Monday I checked to see if I had passed and I could not believe it, when I saw that I had passed!! I recommend this site for anyone taking the test, it works no doubt about it!!


Daniel Brewer

Excellent test prep questions. More in depth than the National Test. Helped with answer explanations.

Timothy Wirun

Awesome website I have used this for my national registry EMT-B and just recently my AEMT. It prepared me very well for both tests to the point where I passed both first try. I have recommended this site to so many of my Ems colleagues and will continue to do so. Two thumbs way up!!!

Zachery Woodard, AEMT

I used this site to study for my NREMT-P test. It helped me tremendously! I passed the first time and only had 87 questions. I recommend this site to anyone who is about to take their NREMT test. The test isn't a joke, it's hard, but this site will definitely prepare you for what is to come!

James Bryant

The staff of emt-national-training.com are great people. There were technical difficulties when i was trying to apply for my NREMT exam and the test date ended up being after my subscription with this site ended. I emailed them asking if i can get a week extension on my subscription for a reduced price and they ended up giving me 2 weeks FREE! Thankyou very much for this site and yes i passed on my NREMT on my first attempt.

Joe Tran

My EMT training was top notch. However, your product was instrumental in helping me pass my Cognitive Exam first time. Following your advice I practiced with more that 1500 sectional tests and 500 simulated NREMT exam questions. I was more than ready on exam day completing the exam in approximately 50 minutes and only 67 questions. Your program gave me the edge. Thank you. I would recommend this product to anyone preparing for the NREMT cognitive exam!

Jeremy Hutchings

I never submit testimonials or things of that nature for services, etc. Although, I appreciate this service so much, I needed to do this. I passed my emt class with the most minimum score you needed to pass which was an 80%. 2 weeks after passing, I went to take the state exam test to get my license although I failed that first exam. I took about a month off to study and decided to try this website because it already had great reviews. Learning really gets easier with exam type questions because although there are an abundant amount of questions, you always have a small number of questions that do repeat each test you take. Which makes it easier to remember the info. I knew my medical info very well, although in my opinion the state has some stupid questions that you might not get because of the format they're written in. I'd like to confirm this website that in fact it was a great contribution to me passing. I wouldn't mind paying 3x as much to pass the state after failing it the first time! Once again, thank you!

Patryk Wolinski

Thank you guys for a great product; it really helped me get the 'feel' for what test day would be like. Many thanks!

Andy Sutton

Awesome way to gear up for the big test.

Alex Uschyk

Passed National Registry first try!!! Your product is awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to enter the field of ems!

John Friederichs

This program definitely puts you in the right mindset to pass the NREMT-P the first time. Best money I ever spent and I will be recommending this to my classmates! Thank you so much!

Jennifer Baldock

This website really helped me pass the emt-b the first time. I wonder if I can get a refund since I didn't use the full three months lol.. jk thank you.

Christopher Johnsoon

I originally used this site six years ago to prepare for the NREMT/Paramedic exam and I was successful. Now, I just recently used this site again to prepare for a state medic exam and once again I was successful in passing that exam as well. EMT National Training has proven to be a real asset in preparing the individual for EMT comprehensive exams. I would without a doubt recommend its services.

I also would like to add that their customer services are excellent. I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Howard Glaberson

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but the more tests I took the more confident I became and I passed on my first try.I would highly recommend this site to anyone who is serious about getting their license. Kudos to the developers well worth every penny.

William Harney

I used this website to practice and help study for national registry paramedic and passed the first time. Had 137 questions and it took me 137 minutes. This website was recommended to me by an instructor and I will recommend it to everyone.

erik niederhauser

Awesome program, really has helped me out a lot!!

Jesse Schaffer

I attended the BEST school for Paramedics, no joke! However, I admit one thing, this site was what helped me to pass the written Registry. The reason? .. the exams here are written in the same level as the National Registry. When I was taking some tests here, I,MANY times got frustrated, mad, LOL... to sum it, so, when it was time to face it, some questions were so easy made me laugh, and some so hard that made me almost call 911 myself, for going on SVT myself LOL! However, I felt confident with how I interpreted the questions given to me, and that was big time THANKS to this site! Test was over only with 76 questions! And now there is an "M" for Medic next to my registry number! No longer a "B" for Basic, you guys ROCK!!!

A Smith

First attempt on EMT-B was unsuccessful. Passed it on the second time after using emt-national-training website, I had 70 questions and it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Steven Longenecker

I would like to thank you for your help. this website, in conjunction with my books, were instrumental in my passing the national registry. I highly recommend to anyone looking to become a paramedic. Many thanks guys!!!!

russell thornton

I took the nremt two times and failed both times. I was looking for something different to help me study and I chose this program hoping it could help with my test taking skills. After using this program for a week I took the nremt and passed it my third attempt. This program really works and helps you in the areas you may be lacking in.

Marco Maldonado

Just follow the money back guarantee criteria, period. Failed on my own the first time and with the website training passed the next time.

Dustin Still

I've never written a website to thank them for their services before today, but knowing the only reason I passed my NREMT exam first try was because of this site, I felt compelled to give credit where credit was due. I waited a solid 9 months to take the national registry exam after passing the classroom EMT program. I had forgotten a lot of information in that time but still had high hopes of passing my exam. After many referrals from friends using this site and passing after only one attempt, I knew this was my best shot. I figured I'd at least have to take the exam twice because of how long I waited so I studied this site for a solid 2 weeks while waiting for my exam date and to my surprise, I passed it first try! Worth the money!

Casey Floyd

I took the test one month ago and the exam ended after 70 questions. I failed every section except cardiac. Then I did 3,000 questions with this program and I passed yesterday (only 70 questions). So definitely, this program gave me a huge advantage. I must admit, at first I thought I made a mistake to pay for it, but after constant drilling of numbers (GCS, compression ratio, resp rates, blood sugar levels, etc) it really makes a difference. When you take the test, go slowly (I definitely took 1.5 mins per question) and read the questions thoroughly because one word can make a huge difference in finding the correct answer. For example, if the question asks you "how would you TREAT this patient" then the choice of "rapid transport" is not correct because transport is not a treatment. #feelingprettygoodrightnow

Oh I almost forgot... start doing the simulated exams as soon as you can. I only started doing that a week before my test, but this is where you really get your money's worth. That and the "create exam from missed questions." Good luck to you.

Joshua Khankhanian

I want to say what great test preparation this was for me... I let my license lapse and I had to do it all over again but now the(MA)state became national I knew it was going to be a whole different ball game from the state test. Some of the similar questions I practiced on this site were on the CBT test... The only downfall of the CBT test I left thinking I failed because I only got 65 question in 40 minutes. The test first started with easy question but as it went on it got a lot harder.

Rene DelValle

I failed my NREMT exam 3 times, I was hopeless about ever passing it. Until I found this program which helped me prepare to take my NREMT once again and I passed on my 4th try. Great supporters and great teachers and operators. You wanna become an EMT? Based on my experience, this program is well worth it guys, very well worth it.

"I took the www.emtfiretraining.com refresher and I passed."

carlos castellanos

Passed national registry first time. Used the web site off and on the first month re subscribed for another month took practice tests 20 to 30 questions at a time in every section studied the rationale explanations, took several of the simulation tests. The more tests I took the better I got and use obviously helped.

Jeff Merrill

When i passed my NREMT-b using this website they didn't have a section to write a testimonial so im going to write it now. I went through EMT school 2 years ago and was in the state of WV, in which you can obtain a state cert vs having to deal with the struggle of the NREMT exam. It took me 4 times to pass the nremt exam. The first three times i tested i used my book i got from class and read it cover to cover in hopes to better prepare myself for my exam. Epic fail on all 3 exams. I knew i had to do something else to better prepare for my exam. I bought the 1 month EMT subscription and used it daily for a month straight. My fourth time testing my test cut off at roughly 108 questions in which I passed! Now I'm graduating paramedic class and getting ready to test out and I'm back again for paramedic. Hopefully I'll be able to get a passing score my first time now! Not only does this website have question set up like the registry exam, it also teaches you good field skills. I wanted to thank EMT National Training for everything! Cant wait to take my paramedic exam and see how it goes!!!!

John Music

It's the best training tool to prepare you, for the NREMT!!!

Diego Islas

I just wanted to say this website is awesome! I was nervous for the NREMT exam. I was stopped at 70 questions which made me freak out and think I failed...BAD! I woke up the next morning to find out I passed! I don't think I would have passed on my first try if I didn't find this site. It really works and thanks to this website for all the help!!!!

Robyn Spitzack

One of my co-workers showed me this site about a month before I took the exam.i spent a least two hours a day studying sometimes most of the day. Took my first nremt test and passed it after only 70 questions. This website is worth every dime spent.

Stephen Bechtel

there is no way i would have passed nremt-b test the first time w/out utilizing this site.i recomend taking all of your practice quizzes in the flash card mode.while none of the questions presented here appeared on the test i was able - thru constant quiz taking - to learn how the questions will be worded,what to look for and what to ignore.its not an easy test but there is no doubt this site helped get me over the hump.would recomend this site to everyone.

john robb

After my 2nd failed attempt on NREMT I got frustrated and looked on the internet where I can review my NREMT...and I was able to get into this site...And it really work...I just passed my NREMT today my 3rd attempt...Keep it up and God Speed

Senen Trinidad

Just passed the NREMT today, first attempt! Got the subscription 15 days before the test, studied 2-5 hours a day, awesome tool I would recommend to anyone. Not only helps to pass NREMT, you learn/refresh knowledge that will ultimately help you in the field regardless if it was on the exam. Again, thank you so much guys!

Peter Joaquin

First time taking the NREMT (basic) without the website, 118 questions fail. Second time with this website, 70 questions PASS. Do not just memorize the answers on this website, most of the questions are similar to NREMT. Studied about 2 weeks straight did about 3,500 practice questions, made sure every subject was over 80%. Then did about 10 practice exams (really helped) got about 95%. The exams really helped me on the national test. Just study and really understand the rationality with every question, and you will do fine. Great website will use again in future.

C.De La Garza

I took my NREMT exam today, and was in shock when my computer cut me off at question #70 with over an hour in testing time to spare. I left pretty depressed and almost certain I had failed. I just received my results and I PASSED!! I just want to express how happy and completely satisfied I am with this website. With determination and some extra help from you guys I am happy to say I'm now a licensed EMT! I will definitely continue to be a customer here through out my EMS journey. Thank you so much!!

Krystin W.

I passed my first time. This site was very helpful


This was a very good product. I do not think anyone can make a pratice test that is just like the NREMT, but I think they got it as close as it can get with this one. I will be useing this again when I test for AEMT.

Phillip Perkins

Best program out there!

Holly Grammer

Passed my NREMT-B on the first try, stopped at question #82 only 50 minutes in! This website has helped me so much. Well worth the money. Will be using this for paramedic test as well.


Andrew Robertson

I passed my National Registry exam and this was the only study material that I used!


Want to say a big thank you for having this available. This has really helped me, and would recommend this website to anyone.

Richard Lowerison

I wanted to thank this site for helping me pass my NREMT-P

I went to school at a very challenging medic program and got good grades. However i did spend some time between my internship and taking my NREMT. So I felt a little fuzzy in the book smart department. I turned to this website and found that the questions get you in the right mind set to get into the swing of taking your NREMT.

I passed my NREMT first attempt.

See you all in the field!

Richard Davis

I bought the 3 month study program and used it almost daily! I took my national test on The 9th of April,2013 and had only 70 questions when the computer shut me down. I PASSED!! Thanks so much to this program I really prepared me for the test.

Sue Danielson

Its been a great experience. The information is impactful and very detailed. A+.

steven ellerson

Passed my national in 70 questions. Used this program for three weeks before I took my national registry and it helped me tremendously. I would definitely recommend this program to others. If you want to pass on your first try, invest in this. It is worth it.

Kevin Emma

I haven't taken my test yet but I like the site.

christopher kindred

I had already taken the NREMT-B twice and was wondering what I had been doing wrong. I found this site and I saw the 100% money back guarantee and passing guarantee, so I thought what could go wrong? After studying for a month straight, 5 days a week and answering over 3000 questions I PASSED!!!!! I have to say this definitely is the best site to study your NREMT. I passed in 70 questions!! Thank You!!!!

Colton Evans

I used this site for 2 months out of the 3 that I paid for and also bought two books on the side. The books and this website helped tremendously. Being able to take the simulation exams on this site helped a lot with the initial anxiety that I had with taking the National Registry for the first time. I completely believe this site is worth the money and a necessary asset in passing the National Registry the first time you take it. The EMT basic class I took based its class on a different textbook than this website is based on but it still WORKED! Thank you guys for everything! I had an amazing experience!

Jacqueline McCoy

I have been out of the EMS game for 5 years due to active duty military service. However, after using this site to refresh for a week and a half, I just passed the NREMT-P and regained my certification. Much appreciated.

Joshua Gilbert

I let my NREMT lapse and had to retest so it had been a while since I had taken my EMT-B class. I found the practice questions to be a very good representation of the types of questions found on the national registry. I felt very well prepared and passed on my first attempt. I highly recommend this site to prepare for the exam.

D. Smith

I used this site to supplement my training for EMT 2 years ago. I passed first time through and felt it had helped me to prepare for my test. Now two years later I used to help with my AEMT transition. The upgrade class was mostly geared towards teaching the upgrade fundamentals. Absolutely zero help towards the written. I realized that I needed some help getting up to speed as I am a volunteer with limited experience in the field. This test prep is what got me through the test the first time. It doesn't give you the test but gets you thinking along the correct lines and able to make proper decisions.

Thank you

Robert Kintner

THANK YOU!!!!!! After using the course of study for my EMT-B, I took my test and 108 questions later, I PASSED! First time!

Matthew Klaus

I took the national testing for the paramedic back in 1998, passed it right out of school. 2 years later, I could not get into a refresher class. So thinking I would never leave the state that I was practicing in (Iowa), and I was not required to have my national to continue working, I let it go. Now, nearly 15 years later, here I am getting it back so I can move to another state. I found this site, and took several tests. After figuring out my weak points on the full tests, I studied for 3 weeks and continued to take practice tests. Well a long story short, I passed the cognitive National Registry test without a problem. I highly recommend this site to anyone that is trying to get there National back, or for the very first time.
Thank you

Jason Watkins

After successful completion of my EMT class with the Jackson Rancheria Fire
Dept (great class by the way) with an A, 92% and serious use of your online
program to prep me for the NREMT exam, I am pleased to say I passed on the
first try with only 72 questions asked. I wanted to take the time and thank
you all for your program which facilitated me in my goal to becoming an
EMT. I have also, signed up for a year for your online program for
Firefighter I, II, and Hazmat and find it very supportive for me while I
attend the fire academy here in CA.

Thank You again,

Jake B. EMT

Jake B

I had to take the NREMT Paramedic written for reciprocity to another state, only problem was I hadn't taken it in 7 years! I was really worried as I knew I wasn't prepared to cover some of the topics I hadn't visited thoroughly since school. I remembered I used this site to pass my paramedic exam the first time so I knew it was the best bet. I took the tests several times a day when I had spare time. I was surprised how much I learned just from studying the rational for each answer. I studied for about 2 weeks pretty heavy...Then judgement day arrived; I headed to the Pearson-Vue testing center and actually felt pretty confident. The test wasn't easy and had some surprises for me but I passed. What a relief. Without this site, I wouldn't had a snowball's chance in hell of passing!


I would like to say a THANK YOU to EMT National Training Practice Tests truly help me pass the NREMT!!!

Jillian Perry

Best Online Training Anywhere! I have tried them all! I pass every time with EMTNT!

James L

this program is B/A thanks for all the help

vincent p

Passed my NREMT with flying colors! This site is the best available. If you want to pass your NREMT, then subscribing to this site is a must! I've been telling all my fellow firefighters about it. The NREMT simulation exams are just like the real thing. Thank you so much!!!

Brandon Dennis

I freaking love this site!

Flathead CountyEMS

The first time I took the test I used a different program. I got shut off at 75 questions, and had an epic fail. Then I used this program along with McGraw-Hill's study book. I studied a section a day and took multiple quizzes.I took the test again and was shut off at 71 questions and finally a PASS!!!

Damien Stewart

EMT National Training helped me pass my NREMT on the first try! I got shut off at 82 questions so the test determined I was competent relatively quickly. I would definitely recommend using EMT National Training as a supplement to studying your textbook for those who will be taking the NREMT. In case anyone was curious I answered about 5000 questions, had at least 80% in each category and was scoring consistently high on simulated exams before I took the NREMT. Use this website it was a huge help!

Jordan Villaire

Sir or Ma'am;

I just want to say thank you for helping me through the EMT test. I took it today and went through the whole 120 questions and I PASSED! I was skeptical at first with your website, but it truly works!

I specially wanted to thank Scott (Paramedic) for answering my question about elevating the legs of a man with an injured back. He taught me well through e-mail and encouragements. I'm really happy that he did the last couple of days.

It is such a relief to pass this test again for the last 5 years there has been tons of changes. I appreciate the rationale on the questions on why an answer was better from what I chose. I understood it and really took my time with the questions today and analyzed it without assuming anything. I guess that's the best advice I can give someone that's going to take the EMT test. Analyze the question to EMT-B parameters and then don't assume anything. If the question doesn't say that it happened, don't assume it. I chose the best of the best answers I thought was by eliminating at least 2 of the answers that was bogus and that's where your website helped. It helped me practice eliminating bogus answers and then narrowing it down to the best answer for the question.

While I was taking your exams on your website, I also studied the book. I took the class 5 years ago and so the combination of the two really helped me a lot.

Thank you for giving me another chance to serve my country and be a better medic.

Jeazell S, SSgt, USAF, EMT

Jeazell Strait

I used this website for about 3 months before I took my NREMT Paramedic written. Obviously, the books you used in class will prepare you the best for this test, but this website helps cement those loose ends that you may have overlooked or just missed. I took over 2500+ questions and around 8-10 exams before I took my written. I made sure each category was in the green (above 80%) and just took them over and over again. It definitely had questions similar to the NREMT and was worth the money I spent! This website helped me pass the test the first time around! Thank you!!!!


Nicholas Sines

I absolutely love this website. It helped me out tremendously! Passed my NREMT the first time and I believe this website was a big part of the reason why.

Noah C.

Noah Crump

The NREMT exam was daunting. I put it off for a month. During that month I spent a lot of time on EMT-national-training.com. The questions are very similar to the exam and I finished the NR test in 30 minutes, answering 70 questions. I was stunned. Thank you EMT-national-training.com!

Peter Cohn

This has been a great study tool.

derek farrell

Used to assist in my prep for NREMT new advanced EMT exam. Passed on first attempt. Sample test gave me a great way to prepare for "simulated" environment as well as show me weak areas I needed to hone. This is a tool not a get out of jail card - if you have not done the time in the material don't blame it on the test prep!

Jason C.

Jason Curtis

I Passed the Paramedic National Registry on my 1st attempt thanks to this site !!! Throughout Paramedic School, I heard endless horror stories about people failing multiple times and how "tricky" and unfair the questions are....The rumors are TRUE, so you have to train SMART and HARD to improve your chances of passing on your first try.

I finished at the top of my class, but I didn't allow myself to think that my classroom skills and knowledge were enough to Pass the National Registry on my 1st try. Completing a Paramedic Program only QUALIFIES you to take the National Registry....It doesn't sufficiently prepare you to PASS the National Registry.

Knowing EVERYTHING in your textbook is NOT sufficient to pass the National Registry because "The Registry" is only PARTIALLY based on textbook information. This is because the NREMT doesn't want there to be a "Magic Textbook" which contains all the information needed to pass their Tests.

There are thousands of Paramedic Students who have tried to Memorize ENTIRE Textbooks, yet, still can't pass the National Registry. Do yourselves a favor, and realize that textbooks are helpful but extremely LACKING....this site is the "MISSING LINK" that will help you PASS The Registry.

To increase my chances of passing on my 1st attempt, I joined this site and completed nearly 5000 questions over 2 months (broken down as follows):

ALS and Advanced Questions -- 1250 out of 1620 (77%)
Random (Mixture of BLS and Advanced) 1042 our of 1200 (87%)
Simulation Exams -- 1834 our of 2038 (90%)

I also completed about 300 Questions from "Missed Questions"(My average score was 60%). I studied the rationales and explanations for most of the questions I completed (ALS,BLS,Missed Question & Simulated Exam). This helped me to learn the logic behind each Question and fill in gaps in my knowledge base.

The Registry contains ALS and BLS questions, so if you want to maximize the benefits of this site, I recommend doing at least 15 Simulation Exams or as many as it takes to consistently score in the high 80's to low 90's.

The Simulation Exams contain both BLS and ALS questions and they mimicked REAL Registry Questions extremely well, though I wasn't lucky enough to get the exact questions I had on this site. I prayed prior to entering the test site, because I needed all the help I could get :)

I completed approximately 19 Simulation Exams (2038 Questions with a 90% Average)-- My actual exam stopped at 80 questions, so I knew that was a good sign that I passed. The downside is that I took my test on a Friday, so I had to wait until Monday for my results.

I repeatedly reviewed my ALS Field Guide, and used 2 Free Mobile Apps to give me extra knowledge(Limmer Creative's 101 Last Minute Study Tips for Paramedic and EMT)

As others have stated: READ THE QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY !! Don't rush to answer because you may miss something important in the question stem. Also, only move the mouse and cursor when you're ready to select an answer. My Program Director told me that test site computers have tracking software that analyze your cursor movements.

Excessive cursor movements cause the computer to assume that you're guessing, which decreases the estimate of your skill level. Computer Adaptive Testing is very complex and technical, so I purposely kept my hands off the mouse until I was ready to pick an answer.

Sidenote -- I deployed to Hurricane Sandy which drastically interrupted my Registry Prep. I contacted the Customer Service Dept for this Site and they kindly extended my 1-month subscription, giving me an additional month.

Good Luck to All and Thanks EMT National Training !!!!

Shawn Young

I used them to study for my EMT Basic test and passed the first time with ease, I then tried a different site that had a special going on for my NREMT Paramedic and have not felt as though it had the same quality as EMT National Training's site. So here I am back where I should have gone in the first place. Cheaper does not mean better when it comes to National Registry prep!! I am very happy with my purchase!!


On 12/26/2012 I took and passed my National Registry Exam for Paramedic in TN on my first attempt. EMT National Training was my main source of preparation for my NR Exam. I never reopened the books, completed about 2800 questions completing 5 NREMT simulation exams. I studied hard thru school graduating with a 3.431 GPA but to EMT National Training I owe much credit for preparing me for my exam. I did not use EMT National Training when I took my NR EMT in 2009, Passed my NREMT exam for EMT my first shot. The difference between my exams is that the practicing I did made me calmer during my NREMT Paramedic Exam. The Paramedic Exam was tough, and actually without EMT National Training it would have been very hard. Thank You for the opportunity you provided for me to practice and be calmer when facing the real NREMT Paramedic exam.

Greg D., TN Paramedic

Greg Dyer, EMP

I used EMT National Training to practice for my AEMT Utah exam and I passed!!!!! I recommend going over every question you miss and read about it in your book(s). If you use your books and the practice exams and give it lots of time and practice you WILL pass! Some of the questions on my state test were almost word for word with some of the test questions I had on the practice NREMT exam. Well worth the money. I plan on coming back again for the paramedic practice exam.

Jared Gardner

Hello, I purchased this program around 3 months ago and I would like to say that it really helped me prepare for my Paramedic national exam. In my opinion, this site is a great tool for students to use to help supplement their studies by pointing out their weaknesses as well as their strengths. During the time I used this site, I did 2000+ questions in a 2 month time frame as my paramedic program was winding down. I recently took the national registry test and successfully passed on my first try, 80 questions. Out of all the testing sites I used, I believe that this one prepared me the most for my national exam. I would like to thank you for producing a great product and of course, helping me pass my medic test!

Dalton Miller

This site is the absolute best prep any EMR, EMT, or Paramedic can get. I utilized each of the sections to improve on my weak area's. After 2 weeks of improving my weak sections, I tested my NR-P exam. I passed my first attempt in 74 questions and practicals as well the following day. The question format and structure was exactly like the NR-P exam. I felt right at home when taking the test. Thank you EMT-National-Training, I couldn't have done it with out you!

Omar B NR-P
Savannah GA

omar badr

Great study resource!

Daniel Wolf

I just passed my national registry! And I could not have done it without this website! They have been a huge help to me and really showed me what areas I needed to work more on. The staff members I spoke with on the phone were very helpful and also worked with me as far as extending the subscription for a few more days when my original test date got pushed back. When I called to tell them that I passed the individual that I spoke to was just as happy for me as I was. This is a great website and they have an amazing staff to back it up. Thank you again!

Nicklas Jackson

I failed my first time taking the national because I thought just reviewing my old class material was enough.

The second time I used this site and passed with flying colors!! It's only the best site. There are some cheaper ones out there but their questions aren't anything like the nationals. I swear there were multiple questions on this site's practice exams that were literally on my national exam and I would have never known them by just reading about the topics from my text book or class notes.

Don't waste your time and money on anything else. The practice questions on this site are phenomenal and exactly like the national's. The explanations helped me study as well and answer other questions on the national I hadn't seen before.

Maria Sal

I used this service for my basic emt and passed the first time. I'm now using it for my advanced. Test out in two days. I highly recommend this sight.

Jeanette Erb

Thank you very much for the excellent EMT Basic sample questions which helped me pass the exam.

subramanian radhakrishnan

Well it was a long road for me to pass this test.
I did fail it 2 times even while using this
website. When I talked to them over the chat they
told me that I should be consentrating heavily on
the areas I am weak in, don't ignore the other
areas, and that I wasn't taking enough tests.
I did what they said and finally passed and what
a good feeling it is. This website helped me a
bunch. The other great thing is that they stuck
to their word and when I failed they let me keep
using the site. Five Stars from me!!!!! Gabe E

Gabriel Ercolino

The practice tests were very beneficial and improved my test scores in class. I would recommend this to a co worker.

Alex Wallace

I passed the Intermediate 85 here in Texas thanks to my great school and the GREAT PREP I DID HERE!

I have returned for Paramedic. "WHEN" I am done I will be writing a "GLOWING" review for you guys and I WANT YOU TO POST IT ON THE SITE!

You guys are the best thing that ever happened to online EMS Training!

James L

Thanks to this site, I passed my NREMT P

Shelton E.

I just want to let anyone who is considering using this resource to help
prepare themselves for NREMT testing that this is a wonderful resource. It
places everything in one spot for you and gives you a comprehensive view on
what all NREMT looks for in their test. I tested for the AEMT and passed on
my first try. The question bank is wonderful and the resources are well
worth the money. I highly recommend this to anyone who seriously wants to
know what curve balls NREMT will throw your way. -Thomas W.-

Thomas W

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish to thank your company for this wonderful Study Guide that our daughter used while studying for her NREMT exam with the U. S. Army. She has PASSED.

We personally want to thank the person who assisted us on the Chat Line with the many questions we had. And patiently answered them. But, most important...Juleen (don't know last name) should be named Employee Of The Month. And given an award.

Again, thank you much.

E & M Okamoto

I took the NREMT on Oct. 11, 2012 Found out today I Passed !!!! I can say USE this site !!! Thank you so much. I used this site for 3 months IT REALLY WORKS !!!



Just wanted to share with you all, that after doing over 1000 simulated questions, I passed my NREMT-P! This was a fantastic tool many of the questions were on my actual exam. It shut off right at 80 questions! Thanks again! Recommended this site to all my fellow students!

Shaun D.

It had been several months since I finished class, and I was very rusty. If it weren't for this site, I don't think I would have passed. I was really nervous when it cut me off at 70 questions, but it all turned out ok. Thanks very much!

Joseph W.

I passed my certification test on the first try! I followed the advice on here and used the tests to see what areas I was weak in and then I studied that topic in my course textbook and wikipedia. It was fun watching my scores go from 50s and 60s to 80s and 90s. The the test questions are asked in a similar way that questions are asked on the exam. The timed test helped me see that I could carefully read and study each question and still have plenty of time left on the clock. I read somewhere that only 1-2% of people run out of time, so take your time! I also would like to compliment Juleen on the Help Chat. She is so pleasant and helpful. You can tell that she loves her job.

Mary L.

I just want to thank you. I am a 45 yr old female that thought I was too old to start a new career this late in life. I went through the course and aced it. Clinical no problem. Then I took the test.... I failed, then I bout some books and an online program and at the last minute I got your program. I studied maybe 2 weeks and came close to passing but yet again failed. I called y'all when my subscription ended and y'all gladly extended me. I studied and l got really good at it and went in and aced the test. If not for your program I wouldn't be a Nationally certified EMT. I have even gone back to school and help my instructor teach skills to new up and coming EMTs. I recommend your program to everyone I know that is trying to cross the hurdle of the National Test. that is again for all you do to help people like me get through the test.

L. Pard

I originally took my NREMT 3 days after my EMT class so I could take it while all the information was still "fresh". 90 minutes and 120 questions later, I failed miserably. Turns out there was quite a bit that my class never had the chance to cover. Especially in OB/GYN. I found this site, and in 25 days I had taken over 1,500 quiz questions and 4 or 5 NREMT practice exams. I went in this past Wednesday and my test shut me off at 71 questions. Got my results at 4am (Had trouble sleeping till I got my scores) and PASSED!!! I slept easy for the next 14 hours knowing that I had finally passed! I can't thank this website enough for all the help. Not only did it help me pass my exam, but I obtained a wealth of information that our class never had the opportunity to cover. Can't wait to start my career as a certified EMT!

Stephen G.

I wasn't sure where to leave this message. I used your website for about a month before taking my NREMT and wanted to let you know, I passed on the first try! I got to about 115 questions before the test stopped. This website helped tremendously! I'd certainly recommend it.

J Beatty

I didn't see a link to add a testimonial but I would like to tell you that the site is well worth the cost! Our volunteer department sent 3 of us to school to become volunteer EMTs. All 3 of us passed on our first try and it is because of your site. We have already recommended it to one of our classmates that failed her first registry. I will continue to recommend this site to anyone that is going to take the National registry! Thank you!

Bryan M

Just wanted to send you guys a huge thanks. took my test yesterday and got my results this morning, i passed! i took my course 9 months ago and failed the national once right out of my course and with the use of another emt website. after 6 months of being discouraged and not studying i realized i needed to get my national to pursue my career. getting back in the groove of studying and trying to re-learn that amount of information was difficult. this website helped me tremendously!! saw over 6500 questions on here in 30 days and that helped prepare me for the national. tests are similiarly wrote and i new the answers to alot before i even finished reading. already suggested two members from my course to sign up and they are loving it as well. just wanted to say thanks again and this site does help!!!!!!


Well at first i was averaging between 30-60% for a few days. what i did was open several other internet browsers and when something came up i was unsure of i would research it the the extent. this helped me get to a consistent 70-80%. along with reading as much material as i could find and as many of these practice tests i eventually got up to a cinsistent 90-100%. the simulated exams i thought were extremely helpful. i took 2600 questions in simulated exams and over 5000 in the other categories. i tested for the basic and this website was very helpful. i used another website my first nremt attempt and thought i felt confident but once i got in there, the questions were worded way off. this site had questions wrote similiar to the national

Darrin M

I found out this morning that I passed!

My test went all the way to the maximum of 150 questions, so naturally I felt HORRIBLE coming out of it... But I guess I knew more than I thought I did lol. I did a few thousand questions on this site over the span of 2 weeks, and it really helped out quite a bit. None of the questions on the National exam were the exact same, but there were several that I wouldn't have been able to recognize had I not studied the questions from this site... So thank you VERY much.

Anyway, thank GOD for this site.

Ryan H.

I just wanted to thank you I passed my exam on Tuesday and I couldn't have done it without this site. I had it kind of rough the first month I subscribed I came down with Iritis and couldn't see well enough to practice 6 days into the subscription. So I wasted 3 weeks, but when my eyes got better I purchased another month studied hard and took the exam 3 days after the subscription ended and nailed it.

Having the rationael with the graded quizzes helped me focus on my weak areas and the simulation exam layout helped prepared me to test registry style. Knowing that I had carried 81% score going into the real exam relieved much of my anxiety.

I can't express how grateful I am that I found your site.

Stephanie M. NREMT-P (thanks to you I can change t

Purchased the membership a few months ago. I timed it to still be active just after my class ending date. I used this website instead of reading the book to aide with classroom testing/lecture. The website is awesome! I scored 84% on my class final. I passed CBT NREMT on first attempt. Unfortunately the NREMT test made me take 120 questions! I left for memorial day weekend feeling like I failed. I will recommend this website to everyone at the firestation or anyone wanting to become an EMT. I would not change anything about the site, thank you!

Robert C.

I took the Paramedic exam for National Registry this morning. I got the results this afternoon. I PASSED on the first attempt!!! Wooohooooo!!

NOTE TO EVERYONE: When test began I thought I was taking a practice exam from this site. Your test on this site are as close to NREMT testing that I have ever seen.

Keep up the good work!!

Malcolm W.

Thank you for having this website. I studied daily - began with scores in the 70's and 80's, took the NREMT exam after obtaining scores in the 90's and staying at that level for several weeks. Answered 3770 questions. This removed the 'edge' off taking the test and improved my knowledge. NREMT First Responder.


My registration expired 4/9/11 and I tested on 4/11/11 and I passed. I took
the simulation exam religiously 3-4 times daily for 30 days. I felt
confident going to test with an average test of 94%. When I started using
the site I was testing at a 73%. I focused and used the testing tips from
your website. Thank you for your help! I also recommended the program to a
few of my classmates and two passed on 4/19/11 with two more to test in the
next week. I have complete confidence that they will also pass

Thanks again! Kathy C Kansas

Hi, I just wanted to say that using this web site is awesome. I took my national registry yesterday and just received my results and I passed, it turned off at 70 questions. Using this site is definitely helpful and I would recommend it to everyone.
I just wanted to say thank you for having this program.

Alexis G.

I just wanted to say a BIG thanks to you guys! I completed my EMT-B course
and thought I was ready to take the National Cert. Exam but I bombed it.
So I found you guys and used your resources for 3 weeks and went back to
take it again and passed. I felt like I owned it that 2nd time too.
Is it ok to say that I love you!

Thanks, Kolt B.

Well, I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone there for developing this fine website to help in the task of passing a national exam. I took my National Registry EMT-Intermediate exam on Wednesday (2/16) and found out yesterday (2/17) that I passed!! The exam ended at around 88 or so questions. I walked out of there not knowing how to feel because so many of the questions seemed like they were out of left field.

But, thanks to your website, I recalled a lot of the suggestions and tips you gave and put them to work. And the result was well worth it!! I start paramedic school next week. If I'm fortunate to get through it, I'll be back to your website in a few short months to prepare for that exam as well.

Thanks for everything!! You guys are great!!

Sincerely, Peter O Houston, Tx

Got the results and I passed my test!!
Just wanted to send you guys a big thank you for helping me study and be successful on my first try for the NREMT-B test!

This website was a great help and I will recommend it to anyone I know who will be taking the test in the future. I will also be using it again in the future to get my paramedic certificate.

Thank you!

PFF/EMT-B Travis M

I passed on my first attempt yesterday, the test shut down at 70 questions. I honestly had no idea how I did. I got a 97% in my ems class and was passing all the exams with 90s on this site consistently for a month or so, I still thought the test was very challenging and required my very best effort. I am so happy that I came across this site or I honestly believe I would be taking it over again. The biggest thing ive learned is that you have to know the why that is behind the what and really strive to understand why one intervention is BEST for the scenario. Best of luck!!

Aaron M.

I passed yesterday on my second try and the exam shut down at question 95.

the first time I took the test I didn't realize how hard it was going to be and didn't study like I should have. The second time around I knew what to expect and this website was probably my number one place to study.

The NREMT simulation exam helped out quite a bit in showing me what subjects I needed to focus on. I went over all the questions afterwards and really drilled into my head the questions I got wrong. I went from testing around the mid 70s and by the time I was done I was getting mid 80s usually every time.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that runs this place i couldn't have passed it without this website.

Chris B.

Just wanted to say thank you. Took my national test Thursday(12/23/10) and received my notice on Monday (12/27/10) that I passed. Thanks for the help...

I have no suggestions on changing anything on your program. I used your website twice a day for about two weeks. It took the edge off and I practiced several 2 hour tests. Of course they did have a few questions I had no clue, but that will happen anywhere. I felt this program helped me and prepared me for the national test. I was comfortable going into the testing site and had no worries... Thanks again.

Doug E. (AZ)

I passed today on my first try.

The exam shut down at about 70 questions.

My practicals were 12 days ago and I signed up for the first exam date I could get, which was today, 12/30/10. I joined this site ten days ago and completed 2500+ questions during that time, wrapping up my final practice test at about 1800 (Eastern Time) on 12/29/10. I casually looked over a few topics after that, just to keep some things fresh, but I did not study.

The study strategy I used was pretty straight forward. For a couple of days I took practice exams, gradually building up my scores from high 70s to low 80s. After about a dozen exams, I had a pretty good idea of my weaker areas, so I started doing focused 30 question quizzes in those areas. I still did a couple of exams a day, as well.

For the final couple of days, I would do a practice exam, then one 30 question focused quiz in each topic area (sometimes two in one area if I wasn't happy with my score) then another practice exam.

I could see my average scores begin to climb. My final practice exam last night was a 90 and I felt pretty good about that.


( I just passed the NREMT B on my first try, really excited at this point)

I followed others advice - Took 200 questions in each topic area besides the ALS category. I took 7 Simulation exams..

The first few tests I was getting in the 60's - So I failing. I got a little nervous, started studying my A## off and learning the rationale behind EVERY one of my wrong answers... Starting scoring consistently in the 80's on all subject areas and the High 80's on the simulation tests. Still didn't feel prepared...

Made flash cards of all the basics that you need to know - CPR rates, Pulses, BP, etc... Don't forget the GCS scale, I got a question on that during the exam last week...

Know your basic terms i.e. Hypotensive, Hypertensive, Etc... - and why/when a patient may be classified...It's all scenario based stuff, and it's all straight forward - no curve balls.

HERE is the BEST PIECE - THE NREMT was VERY EASY after using this site like a religion for 16 days.... I'm no rocket scientist, worked hard - and I would be surprised if I got more than 5 question on the whole test wrong - my exam shut down at 70 questions....

You can do it, THIS SITE IS AWESOME! USE it everyday - and UNDERSTAND why a question is right/wrong - don't just memorize the answers for repeat questions....

Best of luck,


I have just passed my National Registry for EMT-B. I failed the first two exams miserably, and decided I needed to do something different. The first test I did after the class no extra studying I failed. My second attempt I used EMT-B. com practice exams and tests from my local EMT instructor as well as reading the entire book. My third time I got on this site and did 50 questions in each category everyday as well as reading, and the last two weeks before my test I did about 10 NR practice exams and I passed I credit most if not all of my success to this web site, questions are extremely similar in context and difficulty. I strongly recommend this to everyone.

Ryan G

This website helped me pass the EMT National and now it has helped me pass the Paramedic National!!!!! Thank you all for such an incredible support system!!!!

Justin M.

ust passed my NREMT exam ... your site was an INTEGRAL part of my success.
Thank you very much
for providing such a thorough examination process via your website.

Brian C.

I just finished my cbt... It was about 80 questions, and it took about 55 minutes...
The test didn't seem top challenging, however it did have some hard questions (hopefully I got them right.)
I made a 75% and 77% on my FISDAP tests... And have been making around 81-84% on my nremt simulator tests on here... I finished the test at 1120am central... Hopefully I'll know something soon!!

I found out today around 2pm that i passed... thanks for all the help..

Hunter P.

Just wanted to thank you for your website in helping me to pass the NREMT - Paramedic exam. I am not a test taker by any means and your site helped me in understanding the way I needed to think about the questions!! I really appreciated the ability to see the rationale behind each question.

Thanks again


After 19 years in EMS I found myself in a situation where I needed to get the "Disco" Patch. I felt confident in my street smarts garnered over the years in various EMS settings but was apprehensive about recalling all the "little" things that I know NREMT is infamous for bringing up on the test. I didn't have long to prepare as this was very last minute so I got your 1 month subscription and was able to practice 3-4 times a week for a few weeks and I varied it between the specific sections, random and the practice tests that you offered. Towards the end of the last week before I took my test my averages were in the mid 80's to low 90's consistently and I feared that I might be just memorizing the questions but there was enough variety in the questions and answers that I still had to think about what I was selecting. Anyway, I took the cognitive part of NREMT this past week and the subject material covered in your prep courses definitely prepared my for the test. I could not have gone in cold and passed it. The format of choosing the "Most" appropriate answer was the most helpful along with figuring GCS, Rule of Nines, Parkland Formula and the new ACLS/BLS algorithms. Also, kudos to your tech/help dept...I had a couple of questions and received a prompt reply which helped me make sense of what they were looking for. Definitely worth the money...will recommend to others.

Sincerely, John Mc.

This site was great. I failed my EMT-I 99 the first time and signed up for the course. The constant test questions and rationale really got my brain ready to test again and I passed. Thank you. I will use this site to practice for EMT-P when I test next.

C. Phillips

I took my National Registry Paramedic today after using your site for 3 weeks and 4 days, at least 3500 questions, 3 simulated exams and.......................I PASSED!!!!!!!!! I have to say this site really helped and was very similar to National Registry. I also have to say I couldn't have taken it without Gods help. So, take my advice, prayer and faith goes a long way!!!!! Oh, and it went off somewhere 80-85 questions.

Beth G.

This is the site to gain the concept of NREMT questions! I took their online practice exams and they helped me gain the understanding of the NREMT exam. They give you the rationale behind the correct answer so, you can apply that reasoning in future questions! It is a big helper. A combination of prayers and test practicing on this site, you should pass on your 1st take!

Know your Med dosages for adults/child/pedi, their use and their protocols for use, their side effects, when indicated and contraindicated. Knowing your Vital signs, signs, symptoms and treatments for various shocks, Patient Assesment and following protocol on each scenerio. Know your Med dosages for adults/child/pedi, their use and their protocols for use, their side effects, when indicated and contraindicated.

KNOW YOUR C.P.R. protocols for Adult, Child and Pedi. AED indications as well as Rescue breathing. Oerations carries a big percentage as well!

1. B.S.I.
2. Scan for scene safety
3. Note MOI/NOI
4. How many patients
5. Any need for additional resources
6. Consider need for C-Spine
7. Airway - check
8. Breathing - check
9. Circulation - check

Good Luck and remember; prayers go a LONG way. I'm living proof!

Franklin O.

I did well in my online intermediate class, but I didn't feel prepared for the NR. I signed up for EMT National Training...took 1,300 practice questions...and passed the NR on my first try.

The NR is nothing take lightly. It in my opinion is a very hard test. I don't really understand it because after I finished the NR for both my EMT-B and EMT-I, I walked out of there never feeling more stupid in my life. I think it is because the NR finds your knowledge level in every area via ramping the questions up to a level even more complex than you are expected to know. I'm used to taking test where IÕm expected to know the answer to every question. When I run across these more complex questions I'm not sure about, I get frustrated. I think the best thing to do on these is to do process of elimination, take your best guess and don't let it fluster you. The NR does word questions in a different way. One question was about Narcan. I thought I knew everything there was to know about it. The way it asked it, I wasn't for sure.

My advice for others is take as many practice questions as you can. Read the graded questions and make sure you know which ones you got right (so that you can catalog it as correct in your mind) and read the rational on the ones you missed. Refer back to your book on subject matters that you donÕt think you know well enough.

Thanks EMT National Training!


This site was great. I failed my EMT-I 99 the first time and signed up for the course. The constant test questions and rationale really got my brain ready to test again and I passed. Thank you. I will use this site to practice for EMT-P when I test next.

C. Phillips

Thanks to your site I passed my NREMT B Test, I just had to sit down and take your test over and over again and I really learned the information,just goes to show your site can even help us older people LoL.

Naomi L.

I took my NREMT-P test a week ago and passed after using this site, i got cut off at 92.

Z. Harris

I signed up with another site and took the OPSE and scored a 71%. I was discouraged and then ran into this site. I was pleasantly surprised and happy when I signed up. I got a discount because i used this site when I took my EMT B test. The site is up to date, has a tremendous amount of questions, some were repetitive but it was a good thing because it reinforced the concepts better. So I used the site for 2 weeks, took over 3000 questions took the practice exams 3 times and scored above 85% on all of them. Took the NREMT P exam and passed on my first try stopped at 90.

Blair K.

So i passed my national registry! 3 try! wow...I took the test on Saturday July 3rd...the wait was a killer because of holiday weekend...but anywho...i highly recommend this website! this website will help you tremendously!!! I got stopped on question 70!

Noel C.

Well guys.....I PASSED, and only took me 70 questions on the dot!!!!! Thank GOD ALMIGHTY!! I did NOT wanna take this test for a 3rd time, and I owe ALOT of that to this website. For anybody that hasnt scheduled their test yet, for your own sake....DONT schedule on a Friday. You will stress out about finding out all weekend, I know I did. And with me taking it on the weekend of the 4th, it just added an extra day for me to stress even more!! But I gotta say, these questions helped me out IMMENSELY! You guys just have no idea, well if you look at all the questions I did, the admins will lol. For anybody wondering about the value of this site....I totally vouch for it. Just dont look for the exact same questions on the NREMT though. What this site does, is give you alot of various useful information, and more than anything, teaches you how to break down the question and the rationale behind the answers.

DONT go into the test trying to memorize every answer on the site or you'll fail. Just know WHY the answer is, what it is. I will say the most important things to know are SCENE SAFETY 1ST, remember your ABC's, and know your skill sheets....specifically AED, Trauma and Medical. I just cant tell you all how happy I am to have passed this test. I knew, that I knew the info, but when the test shut off at 70 questions I couldnt help but to 2nd guess myself and wonder if I failed. I guess its just human nature. Just wanna thank you guys for making this site, I honestly dont know if I would have passed my 2nd attempt either if it had not been for it. You'll see me back here when its time for my Paramedic test!! I've already told everyone I know who hasnt taken/passed the NREMT-B in my class about how awesome this site is, even before I passed....and me passing just validates it! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

Nationally certified EMT-B -Brian D

The NR is tough, I was on my second try and was super bummed that I did not pass on my first try. I did well in my class, but they make that registry so tricky, and some stuff is different from state to state. But anyways I practiced my butt off on this site and actually stayed up the whole night before my test and Passed yesterday. I'm not sure what my score was but who cares I passed. This site must have had a hand in that, so thanks.

J Healey

I wanted to personally thank EMT-National-Training. With your help, I have successfully passed my NREMT. I have already told a bunch of my friends on how well this website works. Thank you so much!

P.S. I plan on using this site again for when I become a Paramedic.


Just wanted to say thank-you for your website. I waited 6 months out from my class to take the EMT B exam(something I wouldn't suggest doing) and was worried 2 nights before I took the exam; so I signed up at your site. I signed up for your EMT B training and stayed on the computer almost 12 hours answering questions. Took the test on a Wed. morning and found out I passed the next day. Again, I wouldn't suggest waiting to take the exam but I would suggest this site as an excellent study reference.

Paula D. /emt

Thank you. I struggled with the practice tests, but as with anything, if you practice harder that real life you'll do fine. I passed my National Registry test on the first try in 70 questions. I've also forwarded the link to my Chief for future EMT students in our department.

Thank you again


I wanted to thank you for such a great site. I took and passed my NREMT-P exam this weekend.

I tried to take the test right out of class. FAILED

Tried other websites that guaranteed a passing score. FAILED

Spent 30 day on your site and Passed. The questions were more challenging than other sites but more along the lines of the registry questions. I appreciate the explanation for questions I got wrong. Its a great help and I highly recommend your site.

Thank you once again, Shawn NREMT-P Pennsylvania

OMG! I really thought I failed bumped me in 70 questions but I passed! The questions were just like the ones on here so if any of you are reading this you better pay attention cause this is how they do it!!! Thank you thank you guys! Your awesome!


I passed my NREMT paramedic the first time I took it yesterday.
I studied on your site like crazy and it helped me a lot, you have the correct information
to help students pass.
Thanks a bunch.


Your study test questions were spot on. I passed the EMT-I exam on my first try. Keep up the great work.

John B

Just a brief note to say thank you for the help I have received from you. I found the material and test questions very helpful. I am also very grateful for the good answers you have supplied to some of the questions I sent you here.

Good news is that I now have passed the EMT-B NC state exam with 90 Percent!
Also, I passed the NREMT-B exam!

Both exams passed on my first try. I am now looking forward to employment as an EMT-B. Hope it is not too hard to find work.

Again thanks a lot for all your help!

Lars M

I took the NREMT test Tuesday and it cut me off at 71. This site is the best by far in order to do well on the test. They really try to trick you. On the NREMT test know your hypothermia, how to do chest compressions on an infant, and what do when a patient is choking!!! You will not do better on your own or from any other site. I took 100 questions a day for a month and also took the simulated test once a week and you will see your self progress very rapidly. I also made my own flash cards from the answers that I got wrong. that helped out a lot. Plus you will not get better support any where. Any question you have they respond so fast. I know I will come back when I go after my Paramedic. This time I will get the six month deal. Great site and thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron from AZ.

I just wanted to say that your program works. My wife completed her EMT-Classes in December. I had signed her up with your service - she is a VERY VERY nervous test taker. We used your service, along with a two-day refresher (that was a MONTH before the test) as her source of studying. She used your testing nearly EVERYDAY. Well, she just took her NREMT for EMT-B this past Saturday - today (Monday) we were notified that she passed! FIRST SHOT!

Money was well spent with your study course - thanks a MILLION! Life will once again be bearable in this house.

Craig B. Port St. Lucie, FL

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of the support. I passed my Paramedic registry exam last Thursday, and the computer shut off at question 93. I learned a lot about how to answer test questions through this website, and I believe that this website can help anybody pass the exam. My overall knowledge base for being a Paramedic has dramatically improved thanks to your website. Thanks again.

Corey G. FF NREMT - P

I credit your site for helping me pass the test. It was extremely informative and easy to use. Great set-up. I will recommend it to anyone I know who needs the help. If I knew who you people were, I would buy you a beer! Thanks again.

Chris M.

Thank you. I struggled with the practice tests, but as with anything, if you practice harder that real life you'll do fine. I passed my National Registry test on the first try in 70 questions. I've also forwarded the link to my Chief for future EMT students in our department.

Thank you again


Just wanted to say THANKS. I passed my nremt basic test on the first try. It was exactly like the practices. Thanks. I am encouraging all my fellow classmates to use your site.

Myia L.

Dear EMT National Training, I took my national certification test and aced it, I did so well I thought I had failed until I got the afternoon email that I had passed. The adaptive test kicked me off the computer test after only 62 questions making me a little nervous. I thought to myself at first "wow, I've studied really hard, how could I have been that wrong in my answers?" Of course I had second guessed myself, just human nature I suppose right? Anyway, thanks so much for your site, the positive reinforcement of your random adaptive test made this all the more possible. My next challenge is taking a phlebotomy course and becoming a certified phlebotomist as well. Do you have any affiliation with any similar type of phlebotomy training and practice exam sites? If not, do you have any recommendations? Please let me know either way, thanks again for your contribution in my success.

Robert T

Would like to give, "A BIG THANKS!" for all you did for me in order to successfully pass the National Registry Intermediate Exam on my second attempt. I'm not sure if I would have without your structured sample testing. Not only was I able to accomplish this goal, but have learned much more in terms of terminology, physiology and body systems.

Thanks again, from a devoted fan.


I took the NREMT for EMT-B yesterday and passed on the first try. I was cut off at 70, but had a good feeling that I passed. This website was truly the central source of my training and bridged the gap between the end of my course with when I took the NREMT. I spent a week taking quiz after quiz, as well as the mock NREMT exams, mirrored with re-studying my course book. To anyone reading, or anyone that is about to take the exam, I would recommend using this website, BUT make sure you look at every rationale for every question you think you may have answered wrong. Good luck!!

Brenden R.

Thought I would pass on my appreciation for the quality of your site. Passed the NREMT first time. The test was hard but I went in with confidence and knowledge. The NREMT simulation looked just like the testing site. You actually saved me money in not having to retake it.


Matthew C.

I just found out I passed my NREMT-Paramedic test on the 1st attempt!! This site was a big help.....it sure beats randomly paging through a text, trying to figure out what and what not to learn. I just kept taking the tests, and then reviewing my weak points or questions that I was unfamiliar with. Thank you for the site.

I would highly recommend this site as part of your preparation tools (along with other reference materials)for the NREMT-Paramedic test. It was worth the few bucks $$ for me.


I just wanted to say this website is for real. I took the NREMT for the first time about a month ago and bombed it. I was looking for something to help me and found this website. Well I studied the tests on the website for about 3 weeks and took it again on this past Monday. Well I passed and I owe it all to this website. I hardly looked at the book and just studied these tests consistently. I needed this too because I am in the background for la city fire and military experience is great but you have to have this as well now. Thanks again.


I was searching the web looking for a site that I could take practice tests in order to prepare for the NREMT-P exam. I found this site and subscribed to it. With only a few weeks before my exam I didn't expect much for the price. But with the help of this site I passed The registry exam the first time. This site is worth every penny!!!! Thanks a million.

Tim L.

This website is awesome!!!! I owe my career to you. I was on my 5th attempt and thanks to your site I passed.
Master Firefighter/(now)

NREMT-P Kristopher B

My name is William and on May 21st I did not pass my first attempt of the NREMT written test. I immediately went to the internet to seek out a test site to help me prepare for my second attempt at the written test. I found your site after looking at a few others and yours seemed the most comprehensive. I paid for a months worth of practice time and began to hit the books and use your site. Well by the time my next test date came around on 06/14/2007 I left ready to test. I took the test and on 06/15/2007 got my results online and I had PASSED!

I thank you and all the personnel who put their time and effort into preparing this EMT-B testing site. When I go for my EMT-A level in a year or two I will definitely be looking to your site for help in preparing for the NREMT written for advance level. Again thanks for a well prepared site.

Sincerely, William S.

I just passed the NREMT test and let me say that this site was a contributing factor. Your questions are not on the test, however, if you feel comfortable with the questions here you should not have any problems. You have to know your stuff and research your mistakes, but it ties in together with everything else. You guys rock and keep up the good work.


Thanks, I got my results from NREMT passed it and it only took me about 73 questions. I am sure your site along with lots of review helped.

Mark R.

I have to be honest I have never seen any company online respond so quickly , that was impressive. I have only 2 days left to study and I wanted to take advantage of this resource.

Dr. G.

I just wanted you to know that I'm going to tell my entire class about this site, and probably every single EMT-B that comes through our school (26 paramedics) and approximately 100 EMTs a year. Due to the excellent service and constant explanation you have won yourself a permanent advertisement for national registry preparation. my hard finals are in 2, and 3 days, but I feel 100x more prepared for them with all your help as well as the site explaining these things to me.

Thank you, Robert S.

I used your site to help me study for the NREMT-P test and missed the required cut off by 2 points. I did find the site very helpful and would like to continue to use the site to help me study...

Brian F.

Thank you for the site. It is wonderful, and I have high hopes of passing my exam next week after using it.

Gloria M.

Thanks for all the help. Almost felt like I had my own tutor. I just passed my test on Thurs. with a 90%. Your site really helped.

David E.

Just wanted to let you know I passed the Registry with a 77%. Not too bad for being out of school 5 years. Thanks for the web site.


I wanted to say a big thank you for your website. I subscribed for the NREMT Basic and had about 2 weeks to study. I must say you put together a great program and there is no doubt that it helped me pass the NREMT .

Thanks, Dewey F.

FYI I passed the NREMT. Thanks for all the help that your service gave me.

Frank M.

Thank you for your quick reply and a great study tool.

Nelson F.

I successfully passed my NREMT. Thank you for your service.

Rolando M.

I have passed my exam thank you for the extra time and I found this site very helpful, and I'll recommend to others.

Chris W.

Could you please let everyone know that I FINALLY passed my 4th EMT-I/99exam yesterday? I can't thank you and your co-workers enough for all the support and encouragement you've given me over this long struggle and the numerous subscription extensions I was given.

There really aren't words to express my gratitude. Your site and all the people who work there are amazing. So, instead of writing to ask for another extension, feel free to terminate me!


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