About Us - Who is EMT-National-Training.com?

EMT National Training is operated by EMT & Fire Training Inc. a proprietary school registered with the Idaho Department of Education. EMT National Training Instructors have over 100 years of EMS experience, knowledge and training for you to rely on.

Instructor Ryan Asher

Paramedic, Firefighter
Certified EMT-B , EMT-I and Paramedic Instructor, Author.
Ryan has been an EMT and Paramedic for 10 years. His teaching credentials include certification for all levels of EMS, CPR and first aid. Additionally he leads or assists in EMT instruction within five different EMS jurisdictions and colleges. Ryan is CCEMT-P Certified and a member of the regional hazmat team as a Hazmat Tech as well as Advanced Hazmat Life Support Certified.


Instructor Scott Reasor

Paramedic, Firefighter
Certified EMT-B , EMT-I and Paramedic Instructor, Author.
Scott has been an EMT and Paramedic for 14 years. He works for a combination fire/EMS department and is also a certified Firefighter II and Haz-Mat Technician. He has specialized in handling radioactive emergencies and worked for several years as a contracted Paramedic Firefighter with the Department of Energy.


Instructor Adam Knight

EMT-I85, EMT-Advanced, Engineer
Certified Fire and EMT Instructor, Author.
Adam has been in the fire service for 10 years. He is currently an Engineer/EMT-I for a busy fire and EMS system in the northwest. He is currently assigned to a special operations station. Along with being a fire and EMT instructor he has been involved in precepting new EMT's and perfecting their skills. He has co-authored EMT CEU's for ceu-emt.com and has contributed to Penwell publishing and Fire Engineering's Handbook for Firefighter I and II test bank.


Instructor Bill Deruyter

Paramedic, Firefighter
Certified EMT-B , EMT-I and Paramedic Instructor, Author.
Bill has been in the EMS/Fire Service for 19 years precepting numerous Paramedic students and instructing countless EMS and fire classes on various topics. Bill loves to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences and is a seasoned EMT and Firefighter Instructor.


Instructor Tom Hiltenbrand

Paramedic, Firefighter
Certified Fire and EMT Instructor, Author.
Tom has been an EMT for over 10 years in both rural and urban environments.  His instruction credentials include courses professional rescuers, which range from basic first aid to advanced EMT curricula. Tom is actively involved in EMS education recently completing the NREMT-P course. He routinely proctors National Registry exams and has received numerous awards and company citations for outstanding service to his community.


Instructor Mitchell Copstead

Paramedic ,Firefighter
Certified EMT-B and EMT-I85 Instructor, Author.
Mitchell Copstead has been a Firefighter/EMT and now a Paramedic for 10 years and is currently working for a busy Fire/EMS department in the northwest. Mitchell has an A.S. degree in Fire Science, is a IFSAC Firefighter II, IFSAC Driver Operator and Haz-Mat technician. He is a certified EMT and AHA CPR instructor. Previously Mitchell worked as a Shift Officer and EMS coordinator for a rural Fire/EMS department.