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Ohio EMS - Responsible for the coordination and activities of EMTs and Paramedics.

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After completing the required D.O.T. based EMT course the state of Ohio makes use of the EMT National Registry Exams (NREMT) credentials for licensing. They issue licenses to those EMTs and Paramedics who have successfully passed the courses and practical tests. The two part exam process consists of the NREMT computer examination as well as a multiple station skills assessment test. The EMT Basic practical certification in Ohio is unique to most other states in that their scope of practice includes the use of advanced airway devices, ET and Combi tubes. The EMT candidate should know all of the EMT Basic Practical Skill sheets provided by the NREMT. Do not rely on those Skill sheets printed in your EMS text books. As scope of practice changes as it recently has with CPR, the sheets can become outdated. Using the Skill sheets directly from the NREMT will guarantee that you have the correct ones to practice.

You should go over the curriculum for each level of training. Ohio EMT Curriculums are slightly different from most states

With reference to reciprocity and those EMT B's coming from another state or those with just NREMT Certification. You will likely need to get additional training in Ohio with regard to advanced airway management techniques. EMT Basics in Ohio must be proficient in the use of these techniques in order to be issued and Ohio EMT-B License.

To be a part of almost thirty eight thousand EMTs and Paramedics in Ohio who respond to one million emergency calls a year contact the OEMS below.

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