North Dakota EMT License and Testing Requirements

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North Dakota uses the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification as basis for issuing a state EMT license. This means that all applicants must have passed a Department of Transportation based Approved Course consisting of at least 110 hours of didactic and practical instruction. Once the training course is complete the EMT candidate must pass the NREMT practical and computer based examination.

The practical NREMT exam consists of several hands on stations that could range from bleeding control to medical emergency assessment. The exact practicals are not disclosed prior to entering the exam so you must be prepared to pass any of the 15 NREMT Basic skill sheets. The last two listed regarding intubation will not be used in North Dakota as it is out of the scope of practice for EMT-Basic.

The other half of the NREMT test is the computer based or CAT exam. This exam is what used to be administered as written exam. Now the student sits at a computer monitor and answers multiple choice questions one at a time by clicking on the appropriate answer with the mouse. Depending on which answer the EMT student chooses, the testing application will deliver an easier question (if you got it wrong) or a harder question if you got it correct. The test continues in this format until the student has proven his or her skills to be either above or below the competency level required for National EMT Certification.

There is no substitute for good test preparation and we have provided the tools here on EMT National Training to ensure that you are prepared. Get the practice you need by studying 2650 EMT and Paramedic test questions that come complete with answers and justifications. If you get a question incorrect the application will teach you the information you missed. With repetition you will gain confidence and become ready for the real NREMT


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