NREMT Bag Valve Mask Apneic Patient Skill

Welcome to the Practice NREMT Bag Valve Mask Apneic Patient Skill Station (Beta). This online skill station was designed to help you learn the exact steps necessary to pass the EMT Basic Practical Test for this skill. This test is timed. You have 45 seconds to initiate ventilations after clicking the start button. Additionally you must not take more than 20 seconds from the time you adjust the oxygen flow rate until you restart ventilations with the additional EMT.

Please review the equipment:

Directions: After clicking the start button at the bottom of the page you will be presented with a text entry box as below.

You have two choices:

1. Click on the appropriate spot on the photograph to indicate your action.

2. Type in the box what your action will be. List of acceptable answers

This application is in beta development and any and all feedback would be appreciated. Please email comments, criticisms, suggestions etc. to

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