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Initial certification of EMT-B's in the state of Vermont requires graduation from an approved course following the National Standard Curriculum and the passing of the National Registry Exam (NREMT). The state website references the old written exam which was one hundred and fifty multiple choice questions. The new NREMT exam is given on a computer that delivers one question at a time to the EMT candidate. Along with certification the state requires that all practicing EMT-B, EMT-I or Parmedics be licensed. Information on the licensing process can be found on this page of the Vermont EMS website.

Certification for EMT-Intermediates requires that the applicant pass the Vermont state EMT-I written examination as well as practical exam. Paramedics must also pass the National Registry EMT-Paramedic exams. This includes both the computer based exam and the practical skills tests delivered by the NREMT.

Prior to attending any exam, an EMT or Paramedic candidate must register with the state of Vermont. If you are currently in an EMS course you should receive an EMT application from your class instructor. This page lists the current exam schedules for each level of certification. Here are all of the forms related to EMT students licensing and certification.

If you are in need of NREMT test preparation materials then look no further than the practice examinations that have been made available on EMT National Training. Written by Paramedics and EMT's with over 40 years of EMS and NREMT exam experience, these practice tests can help give you that needed edge to succeed.

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