Tennessee EMT and Paramedic Licensing and Skill Requirements

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Tennessee has 3 levels of licensure for EMTs. EMT-Basic, EMT-IV and Paramedic. All courses used to teach are based upon the D.O.T. Curriculum for the each respective level. Here is a List of Accredited EMS Training Institutions in Tennessee.

The state provides a very detailed skills manual that outlines the necessary practical skills to be an EMT or Paramedic in Tennessee. Tennessee EMT Skills Manual.

These skills are covered in the database of practice EMT questions here on our site. All levels EMT-B, EMT-I and Paramedic candidates will benefit from using our practice NREMT testing application.

No information could be found about how tests are actually administered. Nothing on either a practical EMT examination or a written/computer examination. We only assume from the Tennessee EMT Reciprocity Requirements that some sort of NREMT based exam is administered for licensure substantiation. It is also assumed that initial licensure and certification forms are maintained and processed by the accredited EMS training institution. None could be found on the Tennessee Emergency Medical Services website. Here is a list of all the other EMS forms and documents that are available.

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