South Carolina EMT Certification and Exam Breakdown

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Here is a detailed explanation of the South Carolina EMT Certification Process. As expected you will need to have completed an approved SC EMT training course. Here is a list of approved EMT-Basic Courses.

After course completion you have to pass the NREMT practical and written exam(written exam now given on computer). The computer exam is comprised of an undetermined number of multiple choice questions. The number of questions is undetermined because the exam is adaptive. This means that the next question you get on the exam will be decided by the answer you gave to the previous question. If you answered the question correctly then your next question will be more difficult. The reverse is true if you get it wrong. Once you have answered a certain percentage of questions either wrong or right, your exam will end. Your exam will end somewhere between seventy and one hundred fifty questions.

Utilizing the NREMT practice exams that we have here online will help prepare you for the real thing. Questions are in the exact same multiple choice format except with our practice NREMT exams you can choose how many questions you want delivered at a time AND we give you the answers and rationale behind each questions.

The practical EMT exams are the hands on stations where you will need to perform the skills that you will likely be using in the field. The NREMT has 15 Basic skill sheets that you will need to master before going in. You will only be given about 6 of those skills to demonstrate, but will do not know which ones it will be.

Once you have passed both NREMT exams you will need to submit your application and wait for the information to be sent from the NREMT. It usually takes 2 weeks for your info to get to SC and then another 2 weeks to process the paperwork before you will receive your South Carolina EMT certification documents.

A list of the approved scope of practice for EMT Basics, Intermediates and Paramedics in the state of South Carolina

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