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This is a sample EMT Cardiology test of 15 questions. Unlike the versions of our tests that are included with a paid subscription, this test cannot be automatically graded by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. With our paid subscription to EMT National Training you get instant grading, rationale behind the correct answers and a detailed exam tracking system.

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EMT-Basic Test - Cardiology
1. The carotid artery carries blood from the ________________ to the _______________
  Heart / legs
  Legs / heart
  Lungs / heart
  Heart / head
2. Frequent urination is something you would expect to see in a person ?
  In insulin shock
  With DKA
  Who is dehydrated
  With heat stroke
3. A person suffering from an allergic reaction will likely have?
  A high blood pressure and low pulse rate
  A low blood pressure and a high pulse rate
  A high pulse rate and a high blood pressure
  A low pulse rate and a low blood pressure
4. AV junctional tissues have an inherent rate of?
5. How many chambers does the heart have?
6. You are called to a scene of a 3 year old who is not breathing and is pulse less. Your CPR should include compressions at what depth?
  1-2 inches
  1.5-2.5 inches
  1/2 inch
  No compressions it's a child
7. Giving a patient nitroglycerin during a cardiac emergency will?
  Speed up the heart rate
  Constrict the vessels
  Dilate the vessels
  Increase workload on the heart
8. You are transporting a 32 year old pregnant woman who is in the 32nd week. She is complaining of stomach pain and is pale to touch. How would you transport her?
  Left lateral recumbent
  Supine with feet elevated
  Prone with a pillow under her belly
  Modified Trendelenburg
9. P in the SAMPLE history stands for?
  Pertinent past medical history
10. Why would a patient receiving CPR get gastric distention?
  Too much air volume during ventilation
  They ate a spicy meal before having the emergency
  The cricoid cartilage is aligned with the trachea
  The airway is open
11. You and your partner Bob are called to the scene of a man down. The report said the man has no pulse and that family members are doing CPR. Upon arriving at the scene what 3 things are you going to do first?
  Open their airway - tell the bystander to stop CPR - put your gloves on
  Question the bystanders - direct them to stop CPR - check for pulse
  Hook up the AED - open their airway - insert an adjunct
  Attach the AED - tell everyone to stand back - hit analyze button
12. You and your partner Eric are doing an assessment on a 58 year old female. Eric finds her blood pressure to be 124/75 her pulse is 125 and her respirations are 16. This woman is?
13. Lydocaine would be administered to a patient who is having?
  An asthma attack
  A baby
14. The pressure inside the vessels during the relaxation phase of the heart is called?
  Contracted phase
15. Chest compressions on a newborn that is not breathing adequately should be done at what depth?
  1/4 inch
  1/2 inch
  1 inch
  1.25 inch
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