Pennsylvania Paramedic and EMT Certification, Licensing and Exam Breakdown

Pennsylvania EMS Online - Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.

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The Pennsylvania BEMS does not have much information readily available for certification and licensure of EMT-Basics, but there is data on Paramedic certification. The state of Pennsylvania has incorporated the NREMT practical and written (now computer based) exam into their Paramedic certification process. Once the applicant Paramedic has passed both parts of the NREMT-P exams and becomes Nationally Certified they will qualify to work as a Paramedic in Pennsylvania. It should be noted that you are not required to maintain your NREMT status to keep your Pennsylvania certification. You must only complete all continuing education requirements of the state.

The state does put together some great information for EMTs including this BLS and ALS Life Support Protocols Handbook It does an excellent job of breaking down the responsibilities and treatment protocols of certified EMTs in Pennsylvania.

Many of the applications and forms that are normally available on state run websites are not to be found on the public portion of the site. It appears that you must login before any of the more detailed information is available. No EMT applications or recertification data could be found at this time.

Pennsylvania BEMS does provide a very good dissection of the NREMT practical examination critical components. This breakdown will most certainly help in making sure the EMT candidate does not overlook those critical criteria that can result in an instant failure of the skill station. Exams are created and graded at the click of a button. Your scores and exams tracked and displayed for study and review. Each answer includes an explanation of reasoning. Study these explanations on the questions that you got incorrect and you will learn the material as you take the EMT exams.

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