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Paramedic Test - Medical
1. A contraindication for the use of meperidine is______________.
  Hypersensitivity to morphine
  Undiagnosed abdominal pain
  GI bleeding and ulcers
  Altered mental status
2. When the body does not have enough insulin to break down the available sugars it begins to consume the _____________ of the body
  Fatty acids
  Stored fats
3. The Combitube is contraindicated in patients who ______________.
  may have swallowed a caustic substance
  are not breathing on their own
  are unconscious
  have been unsuccessfully intubated with an ET tube
4. Which of the following IV solutions would you use for a patient who is in shock?
  Isotonic crystalloid
  Isotonic colloid
  Lactated Ringer's
  All of the above
5. Inhalers with various medications are prescribed to patients who suffer from?
6. You have just arrived on scene with your partner Ellen to a call of chest pain. It's a 75 year old man who has already taken 1 nitro tablet - but the pain persists. You should?
  Make sure his nitro is his and the right date and give him another one
  Make sure his BP is under 100 and if so give him another nitro
  Withhold oxygen until you get a BP and then administer 1 nitro
  Ask him if he takes any erectile dysfunction drugs and take his BP
7. Abdominal pain and tenderness upon palpation is often due to?
  Pericardial irritation
  Fecal leakage into the pleural space
  Blood irritating the peritoneal lining
  Blood pooling in the pletal space
8. When someone has an upper airway obstruction you may hear sounds like?
  Cheyne-Stokes breathing
  Ventalli Eronchi
  High pitched wheezing when they breath in
9. Who is likely to be very thirsty?
  A person with hypoglycemia
  A person with hyperglycemia
  A person with abdominal pain
  A person in insulin shock
10. You and your partner Larry are dispatched to the call of a man with sever stomach pain. When you arrive on scene you find him lying on the floor of the kitchen in the fetal position. There is vomit on his face and he says he is going to throw up again. He denies falling and says the only thing wrong is that his stomach is killing him. Assessing his abdomen you find it to be very tender to the touch and he moans when you palpate his stomach. He is also breathing very fast at 30 respirations a minute. What other signs and symptoms might you find with this patient
  Tachycardia - hypotension - fever
  Bottle of poison - cyanosis and crepitus
  Broken ribs - hypertension and deep rapid breathing
  Rebound tenderness - metabolic acidosis
11. A patient who requires restraints should always be?
  Transported prone in case they vomit
  Transported supine
  Strapped to a backboard and bagged with a BVM
  Held with pressure from the knee to the middle of the back
12. A contraindication for the use of magnesium sulfate is_____________.
  Recent MI
13. The following are considered central lines EXCEPT?
  Femoral vein
  Internal Jugular vein
  Subclavian vein
  External jugular vein
14. A man of average size and weight has approximately how much blood per kilo of body weight?
  50 ml
  60 ml
  70 ml
  100 ml
15. When there are abnormalities in the flow of CSF through the ventricular system it can cause an excess of fluid to build up in the brain. This is referred to as what condition?

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