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Paramedic Practice Test - Cardiology
1. What occurs when the beta receptors are stimulated?
  An increase in heart rate
  A decrease in heart rate
  It speeds up oxygenation
  It causes the patient to become hypotensive
2. The most effective way to convert V-Fib is?
3. What is your interpretation of the ECG strip above?
  A high blood pressure and low pulse rate
  A low blood pressure and a high pulse rate
  A high pulse rate and a high blood pressure
  A low pulse rate and a low blood pressure
4. AV junctional tissues have an inherent rate of?
5. What is your interpretation of the ECG strip above?
  Sinus Rhythm with couplet PVC's
  Sinus Rhythm with bigeminy PVC's
  Sinus Rhythm with PJC's
  Second Degree Type II Heart Block
6. 5 parameters used to interpret cardiac rhythms include?
  Rate - regularity - QRS width - P waves - and P-R interval
  Rate - regularity - QRS width - ST segment - and P-R interval
  Rate - irregularity - U wave - P waves - and P-R interval
  Rate - regularity - ST segment - QRS width - and T waves
7. You and your partner Janica arrive on scene to find a man complaining of severe chest pain. He is hypotensive with a very weak pulse and a BP of 89/30. He has very muffled heart tones and distention of the jugular vein. This patient likely has?
  Pericardial tamponade
  A pulmonary contusion
  Paradoxical hypotension
  Flail chest
8. Adenosine would be used to _____________________.
  increase the conduction time of the AV node
  increase the conduction time of the AV node
  suppress the conduction of the SA node
  eliminate fluid from the lungs
9. Dopamine is used and the initial treatment for______________.
  Cardiogenic shock
  Hypovolemic shock
  Neurogenic shock
  All of the above
10. A rhythm that is irregulary irregular and has no discernible P waves represents what type of rhythm?
  Sinus rhythm
11. You and your partner Bob are called to the scene of a man down. The report said the man has no pulse and that family members are doing CPR. Upon arriving at the scene what 3 things are you going to do first?
  Open their airway - tell the bystander to stop CPR - put your gloves on
  Question the bystanders - direct them to stop CPR - check for pulse
  Hook up the AED - open their airway - insert an adjunct
  Attach the AED - tell everyone to stand back - hit analyze button
12. Which of the following is NOT considered a common side effect of nitroglycerin?
  Slow heart rate way down
  Decreased heart rate
13. Lidocaine would be administered to a patient who is having?
  An asthma attack
  A baby
14. The pressure inside the vessels during the relaxation phase of the heart is called?
  Contracted phase
15. What is your interpretation of the ECG strip above?
  Atrial Flutter
  Atrial Fibrillation
  Normal Sinus Rhythm
  Sinoatrial Block

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