Oklahoma EMT Curriculum, Exam and Licensing Overview

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The licensure process for EMTs and Paramedics in the state of Oklahoma is one of the simplest with regard to the length of application and detail of information requested. In contrast the state has one of the highest "minimum training hour" requirement in the entire US. Below are details of each of those minimum course lengths.

EMT-Basic Curriculum - 154 hours of training minimum with breakdown of hours for module.

EMT-Intermediate Curriculum - 190 hours of training is necessary to become an EMT Intermediate.

Paramedic Curriculum - 1050 hours of training is necessary to become a Paramedic.

After course completion applicants can submit for license when they can verify that they passed the NREMT exams (both practical examination as well as the new computer based exam). Once you have passed the National Registry exam and the NREMT has sent you your certification documents you can complete the Oklahoma EMT License Application - Read and fill out this document. Fill in your NREMT number and or attach a copy of your card.

If you have not taken the National Registry test yet then consider preparing with the interactive study resource here on EMT National Training. It gives you access to thousands of sample EMT and Paramedic questions very similar to the questions that appear on the real NREMT. You create each test based on type of emergency. Take the test online and then instantly grade it. Each question and answer is explained in detail to help you learn information that you may not have known. The next time a similar question comes along you will be ready.

If you have already passed the NREMT and are applying for an Oklahoma license based on reciprocity, you will have to give the same information. EMT Intermediates from out of state will be required to take an ET practical exam to verify their intubation skills prior to an Oklahoma EMT License being issued.

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