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Certification and licensure Information on OEMS website is a little difficult to navigate and find, but it can be assumed that with exception to reciprocity, you must successfully complete a NC approved EMT training institution Course. The state of NC will offer reciprocity to both those who are certified by the NREMT / National Registry or other states. There is no further training required although those candidates requesting reciprocity for the EMT I level may be asked to demonstrate more about what their course work consisted of. This is in addition to the other requirements.

Several references and links are made to the National D.O.T. Curriculum for EMT and Paramedic. This leads to the belief that the NREMT certification is a basis for an EMT license in the state of North Carolina. Until we learn otherwise from the state you can consider this information true.

On the North Carolina EMS site is a list of institutions offering a BA in Emergency Medical Sciences, but other than that very little information is visible for certification and licensure info. They do provide this phone number that they say to use for any questions

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North Carolina Office Of Emergency Medical Services
North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services
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