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EMT Certification, Licensing, Training and Examination Requirements by State


New York EMT Exam and Certification/Licensure

New York Bureau of EMS - News, education, certification and policies are on this entrance page.

EMT Basic Curriculum - Exactly what you need to know in order to be an EMT in New York.

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New York EMT and Paramedics must complete and pass a State Sponsored EMS Course and examination process. New York does not rely on the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Exam that many of the states in the USA are moving to. Additionally the state of New York will not grant a license and certification based on National Licensure alone. Reciprocity is for EMTs and Paramedics who are licensed and certified by another state only. Those EMS personnel with only NREMT certification must apply for and take a New York EMT refresher course.

The New York EMT and Paramedic exam covers the exact same material as the NREMT exam with exception to some changes in local protocols. Utilization of NREMT study based materials will convey the same knowledge base as the state specific examination. Test material are very heavy in the basics of airway and CPR as well as trauma and medical assessment.

Study the questions and answer that we provide in our EMS testing module and you will be on your way to passing the New York EMT or Paramedic Exam. All two thousand plus questions come with complete rationales and reasoning for every answer. Questions that are answered incorrectly can be studied immediately while it is still fresh. If you are not already a subscriber take a look at the details of our online EMT and Paramedic testing application.

All of these things should be covered in your EMT or Paramedic course, but it is a good idea to keep this reference handy. Additionally here is a detailed summary of the New York Written Certification Exam

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