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EMT Certification, Licensing, Training and Examination Requirements by State
New Mexico State EMT Exam and Certification Summary

New Mexico Emergency Medical System Bureau - Specific data central to the state EMS.

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New Mexico is one of those states that has its own licensing and certification exams. They do not utilize the NREMT as a bases for licensure. Prior to requesting licensure/certification from the state of New Mexico a candidate must have completed a state EMS course at the requested EMS level. (2009 test site schedule). EMTs must submit their EMT Course Completion Certificate (CCC) with the licensing/certification application.

EMTs must pass both a New Mexico state practical and written examination. One of the few states left that actually still uses the pencil and paper written EMT exam. Most states have made the transition to the NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Exam). This exam is based on Department of Transportation criteria and followed by the majority of the states in the US. Applicants for EMT Certification will also have to provide proof of current CPR course completion.

If you have passed the NREMT and/or are certified from another state you will still have to pass a transition course in order to become certified in the state of New Mexico.

Utilizing the EMT test preparation materials compiled on this site will set you on the path to successful entry into an EMS profession. Test questions are multiple choice format like the state exam and cover all areas covered in most EMT training programs.

New Mexico Emergency Medical System Bureau
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