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Mississippi Bureau of Emergency Medical Services - Management and direction for state EMS.

Application for Mississippi EMT Certification - Instructions and document to fill out and download.

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The Mississippi Office of Emergency Planning and Response (OEPR) is responsible for administering the National Registry Exam NREMT. The exam is uses for certification of EMT , First Responder and Paramedic applicants. The test is said to be given four times a year at set locations and is now given by request at different locations throughout Mississippi. OEPR will travel to locations submitted and approved to deliver the National Registry Exam by remotely connected computers. The exams are CAT exams or Computer Adaptive Testing. The candidate answers one question at a time until the exam stops.

Much of the information on the Mississippi website is outdated with respect to testing schedules and fees. Some data on certification and exams is almost 3 years old. Please use the contact information below for requesting more up to date information from the state of Mississippi.

Studying for the NREMT exam with similar questions is the best bet for coming to the exam prepared. Take advantage of the EMT practice exams that are available by subscription here on EMT National Training. All EMT tests are taken and graded online so that you get instant feedback and answers. The testing program maintains a list of all your exams so you can can continue to study and review them throughout your subscription. Join the more than 5,000 EMT and Paramedic students who have used this practice EMT exam application to pass the real National Registry Exam (NREMT)

State approved EMT Training Courses can be found at most community colleges in Mississippi. Courses will follow the Department of Transportation Curriculum for EMT-Basic and consist of at least 110 classroom hours along with 12 plus hours of emergency room clinicals. You must also have at least 5 runs on the ambulance before you can become a certified EMT in Mississippi.

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
EMS and Trauma Care System
Post Office Box 1700
Jackson, Mississippi 39215
24 Hour Information (866)458-4948  or (866)HLTHY4U

Physical Location
570 East Woodrow Wilson
Annex Building, 3rd Floor
Jackson, Mississippi 39215

Questions regarding Mississippi EMT Certification, Training and Testing
Scott Stinson, NREMTP
Director of EMS Testing, Training, and Certification
601-576-7380, Fax 601-576-8097

Questions regarding Mississippi EMT Licensure
Karey Riddle, NREMTB
Interim Licensure Officer
601-576-8145, Fax 601-576-7373