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Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical System - MIEMSS Central Data Page for Maryland.

Certification and EMT Licensure - This page contains links to all Maryland EMT and Paramedic Certification Applications.

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Maryland EMT and Paramedic applicants must first complete an EMT course approved by the Emergency Medical Services Board. The EMT B course is about 131 hours in length and the Paramedic course about 1,100 hours. Maryland also recognizes the First Responder level as well as Cardiac Rescue Technician.

Upon completion of the EMS course the candidate must pass a written Maryland state exam as well as a state practical exam. If you are coming from out of state there is a reciprocity policy in Maryland. It will allow you to become certified and licensed in Maryland when you complete the reciprocity application and demonstrate that you have an EMT license from another state (or NREMT certification). Some of the other EMT licensing or certification questions you have may be answered on the Maryland EMT Certification FAQ

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