Louisiana Bureau of EMS, EMT and Paramedic Certification and Exam Instructions

Louisiana Bureau of EMS - Central information source for state EMS information.

Application for Louisiana Exam - This is a Word document to print.

Commission Rules on Certification for Louisiana - This a Word document to be printed.

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An EMT candidate in Louisiana must become Nationally Certified in order to be licensed and certified in the state. Passing the NREMT or National Registry Exam for Emergency Medical Technicians (both computer based and practical) must be proven with a copy of your current NREMT card. You will need to send a COPY of it in with your Louisiana EMT Certification Application. Obviously State certification also requires that you take and pass a Department of Transportation approved EMT or Paramedic course prior to taking the exam.

Proper test preparation for the NREMT Exam is essential to ensure that you know what to expect when the first question hits the screen. The computer based testing system now used by the NREMT has eliminated the old paper and pencil written test where you filled in bubbles on a numbered sheet. Practice for the test online any time you want by utilizing the EMT National Training database of over 2000 EMS (EMT and Paramedic) questions. Each question comes complete with answers and a detailed explanation of each answer. On top of that there are Licensed and Certified Paramedics and EMT in our support area answering any and all questions you might have about the NREMT exam or our practice EMT exams.

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