Indiana Emergency Service, EMT and Paramedic State Exam and Training

Indiana Emergency Services - Overseen by the Department of Homeland Security

Indiana EMT and Paramedic Certification and Recertification Forms - All EMS levels from First Responder to Paramedic reciprocity

The Certification Section of Indiana Emergency Services is responsible for all EMT and Paramedic Training and Certification.

EMT B candidates in Indiana must take and pass an accredited EMS educational program consisting of no less than 144.5 hours combined. Additionally you will have to pass the Indiana State EMT or Paramedic Written Exam as well as the Indiana State EMT and Paramedic Practical Exam. The National Registry Exam or NREMT is only accepted if you posses an EMT license in another state.

The state EMT exam is very similar to the NREMT exam in that it is comprised of multiple choice questions divided into sections based on the Basics of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Transportation Curriculum. You will have questions on medical and trauma assessment as well as airway, cardiac, bleeding control and CPR.

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