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Licensing of emergency medical personnel in Georgia requires an EMT or Paramedic candidate to have completed a Georgia approved EMT or Paramedic course as well as have proof of current CPR certification. The application fees for EMT B is $25, EMT I is $50 and Paramedic is $75.

You must have your license application form in and must have your course completion verified before you will be allowed to schedule the practical exam. You must be able to demonstrate passing aptitude skills in trauma and medical assessment, cardiac arrest management, spinal immobilization seated, spinal immobilization supine, bag valve mask apneic patient, long bone fracture immobilization, joint dislocation immobilization, bleeding control, upper airway management, use of supplemental oxygen and traction splinting.

EMT and Paramedic candidates must then submit an online application to the NREMT where the practical EMT exam can be scheduled. You must be signed up to take the EMT exam in Georgia. You cannot just show up at a testing center. They will turn you away.

If you still have some time before taking the NREMT test you may want to utilize the NREMT practice tests here on EMT National Training. Tests are available for EMT-B, EMT-I and EMT-P. The questions all follow the D.O.T. curriculum and come complete with answers, reasonings and rationales.

Download the Georgia EMT or Paramedic Application here it is in Word document format .

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