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EMT Certification, Licensing, Training and Examination Requirements by State

District of Columbia Washington D.C. FEMS, EMT Certification and Examination Synopsis

District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services - News and links for Washington D.C. EMS.

Prehospital Medical Protocols for D.C.- Pediatric and adult protocol manuals for EMT and Paramedic levels.

EMS Performance Statistics - Broken down by year and delivered in PDF format.

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The District of Columbia EMS system is governed by Fire and Emergency Medical Services or FEMS. The main government site does give detailed protocols for both EMT and Paramedic, but most information is focused on fire.

Information on EMT training and certification is available, but it is buried in the FEMS site and contains very little actual data. It appears that all candidates are required to take a six week EMT course and then a twelve week Fire fighting course. It is assumed that after completing the EMT course the candidate could opt for not continuing with fire training, but it is not stated. EMS Training and certification information for the District of Columbia are on this page EMS Training. Any additional information on this would be appreciated.

EMT candidates must pass the DHS exam and the NREMT (National Registry Exam) to be certified. The NREMT exam has been given as a pencil and paper multiple choice examination for years, but that has now changed. A private testing company is now in charge of the NREMT exam and it is given on a computer at a private testing station.

If you have yet to take the NREMT exam then you should look into the EMT prep/NREMT practice tests and Paramedic practice exams that are accessible here. This state of the art testing system gives you access to thousands of EMS questions for the most common levels of pre hospital care givers (EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate and Paramedic). All questions where written by certified and licensed EMT's, Paramedics and Instructors who have taken the NREMT exam multiple times. Each question follows the Department of Transportation EMT Curriculum and is current with the newest AHA CPR and AED guidelines. All answers were verified to exist in multiple EMT course books as well.

Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.
Contact email is: info.fems@dc.gov                
District of Columbia
2000 14th Street, NW, 500,
Washington, DC 20009

Phone: 202-673-3320

Fax: 202-462-0807


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