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1. Assault is used to describe behavior that?

2. After the baby's head has delivered you should?

3. With regard to blood pressure, which of the following statements is true?

4. Why does Nitroglycerin lower the blood pressure?

5. Which of the following is usually the most dangerous?

6. You are called to a home where a 91 year old man has had a syncopal episode and is vomiting. The caregiver who called 911 stated that the patient's bowel movements have been bright red since yesterday. The patient has not complained of any pain, but is nauseated. What is most likely wrong with this man and which choice includes appropriate treatment steps?

7. One pupil dilated and the other constricted would suggest what type of injury?

8. If a patient was feeling nauseated this would likely be a_______________response. If a person was tachycardic it would likely be a___________________ response.

9. Cells that die during a stroke are called?

10. You have just arrived on scene of a single vehicle accident involving a truck that has slid off the road and rolled. Your patient was driving about 40 MPH when he hit an icy spot and went off the road rolling the vehicle one time. After completing your scene size up, which of the following treatment choices would be the most appropriate?