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Medical / Obstetrics / Gynecology,

1. Cellular respiration and cellular metabolism are best described as:

2. You arrive on scene with your partner Levi to transport a patient that has been throwing up blood that looked like coffee grounds. This sign would lead you to believe that this patient has?

3. A 73 year old female was in her backyard gardening when she collapsed to the ground. Her husband told 911 that "she is breathing very fast and will not talk to me." You arrive to find the woman lying on her side in the grass. She is breathing at 7 breaths per minute and her pulse is irregular and very thready. Her lungs also present with crackles upon auscultation As you are taking a blood pressure (88/66) the husband tells you that the woman has been having jaw pain and some weakness for approximately 3 days. What is the most likely cause of this woman's condition and how would you treat her?

4. Upon making patient contact, you notice a large quantity of prescription bottles on the nightstand next to their bed. Which of the letters in the SAMPLE mnemonic is related to the observation?

5. Which space in the body will you find the pancreas?

6. Which list includes only the "Five Rights" of medication administration?

7. What does the mnemonic OPQRST stand for?

8. What would you look for in an assessment of an emergency related to the nervous system?

9. Meningitis is:

10. All of the following are contraindications of oral glucose except: