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EMS Operations,

1. Repeaters are used to:

2. When transmitting a number with two or more digits you should say the whole number first, followed by:

3. You are called to the scene of a woman who is having difficulty breathing. Upon arrival you notice several people surrounding the woman who seems to be agitated. Your scene assessment determines it to be safe and you approach the woman who is in the tripod position. Her breathing is rapid and shallow. She states her ribs hurt after being struck with a punch from her husband. You should?

4. NIMS is best explained as:

5. Communication on the radio is a very important part of the EMS system, and messages should be:

6. An EMT may be charged with abandonment if they?

7. It's 7:30 a.m. and you arrive on scene of a two car collision involving at least 6 patients on a foggy corner of a fairly busy country road. The fire department is not there yet and there is smoke and flames showing from both cars. You can hear people crying and cars are already driving around the wreckage to get past the scene. What steps should you take?

8. You and your partner Pepe arrive on scene to find a man in his early twenties with a large gash on his forearm that is spurting blood. You immediately apply pressure with your gloved hand as Pepe hands you a trauma dressing. The patient is pale with a weak rapid pulse and respirations of 30 breaths per minute. As you are finishing your initial assessment and bandaging the wound the PT tells you to "get away" from him. Your best course of action would be to do what?

9. An ambulance unit or fire department that makes an uncoordinated, independent decision during an incident is said to be:

10. You are the first EMS unit on scene of a multiple casualty incident. A crane has fallen from a building roof top and ripped through an adjacent building. What should you do according to the ICS?