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Airway, Respiration and Ventilation,

1. You are assisting your partner who is preparing to intubate a 79 year old woman. You are managing the BVM and begin ventilating and preoxygenating the patient at what rate?

2. What are diuretics like Furosemide used for?

3. A respiration rate would be considered within normal limits for an adult at____ per minute, for a 6-12 year old child at ____ per minute, and for an infant at____ per minute.

4. The pediatric assessment triangle is composed of three elements:

5. You are intubating a female patient with assistance from your partner Rudy. After inserting the ET tube and inflating the cuff Rudy auscultates and finds breath sounds in the right lung only. This is a sign for you to?

6. You arrive on scene with your partner to a restaurant where a man was reported to be choking. You enter and find an unconscious cyanotic male on the floor. He is supine with BBQ sauce on his mouth and a napkin in his hand. What would you do for this patient?

7. You are intubating a 53 year old woman who is unconscious and has no gag reflex. Just after placing the tube and inflating the cuff you auscultate the epigastrum and lungs. You are unsure if tube placement is correct as there were conflicting sounds in the epigastrum. You should?

8. Not only does Epinephrine stimulate cardiac function, but it also has Beta II properties that cause what?

9. You and your partner Duval arrive on scene to find a woman who has suffered a blunt trauma to the chest from a swing on a carnival ride. She is having difficulty breathing and upon auscultation you hear nothing on the right side. This woman likely has a______________________ and would be suffering from_____________________as the collapsed lung is incapable of oxygenating any blood.

10. Which of the following is false regarding the use of isoproterenol?