Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services OEMS


EMS Program Offices Contact Information - About half way down the page the information is listed.

Delaware Emergency Medical Services for Children - Information about EMSCA and it's objectives.

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The Emergency Medical Services of Delaware falls under the Division of Public Health under Delaware Health and Human Services. EMT and Paramedic licensure and certification information is not published on the site so direct contact with the office may be necessary. You will find information about Paramedic educational requirements, but the actual data is very limited. There are no links to recertification forms or training schedules as you find on many state EMS sites. There is actually no mention of a Delaware EMT.

The OEMS office does mention that there are 58 Basic Life Support agencies with the state that are volunteer. One must assume they have some EMT-B's on their crews.

Delaware EMS Administration
Phone (302) 744-5400
Fax (302) 744-5429