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Cardiology and Resuscitation:

1. A 57 year old woman is complaining of chest pain. Her blood pressure is 109/88 and her respirations are at 22 per minute. What condition does the patient's blood pressure indicate?

2. The three basic causes of shock are?

3. Upon assessment of a 55 year old male, you find his blood pressure to be 124/75 his pulse is 122 and his respirations are 18. It would be stated that this man is?

4. You are assessing an 84 year old man. Upon auscultation of the lungs you discover crackles or rale sounds. He is complaining of chest pain and congestion. These signs and symptoms can indicate?

5. You and your partner whom you have been working with for two years are called to a house where a woman is having chest pain and complaining of shortness of breath. She is diaphoretic and has a pulse of 110, respirations of 22, and a blood pressure of 140/80. She says she has no cardiac or respiratory history. You should?

6. You arrive on scene with your partner to a call of "man down". You pull into the driveway of the house in a very exclusive part of town. In the driveway a man is lying face up with his eyes closed. After making sure the scene is safe, what actions will help you gather the most information in the shortest period of time?

7. You are treating a female patient who is complaining of chest pain. She is diaphoretic with a blood pressure of 98/50. You have her medications on board which includes a prescription for nitroglycerin. Medical control has instructed you to administer 1 nitroglycerin tablet sublingually. How would you respond?

8. You arrive on scene with your partner to a multiple vehicle accident where you are the 2nd ambulance to arrive. Scene size up indicates there are 7 patients in 2 cars, none requiring extrication. In the first car is a 45 year old woman who is 28 weeks pregnant and unconscious, a 12 year old girl who is screaming and complaining of back pain, and an 8 year old boy who has a facial laceration and no other signs or symptoms. In the second car is a 70 year old man who is slumped against the steering wheel. There is heavy damage to the front end of his vehicle. In the backseat are 3 teenagers. The two on the impact side are complaining of nausea and appear to have an altered level of consciousness. Also in the back seat is a girl who said she was having a seizure and was vomiting earlier and that her grandfather had been taking her to the hospital. She was wearing her seat belt and has no sign of injury. What may have happened to the 70 year old man?

9. You are called to the scene of a man down. Dispatch reports the man is pulseless and bystanders are doing CPR. According to the NREMT Cardiac Arrest Management/AED skill sheet, which of the following sequences is appropriate?

10. During an assessment of a 78 year old woman you find her skin to be cool, moist, and pale. What would you suspect?