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EMT-Basic Test - EMS Operations
1. The integumentary system refers to?
  To skin - nails - hair and sweat glands
  To kidneys - lungs - pancreas and spleen
  To the route the blood travels to the brain
  To the system of organs responsible for metabolism
2. A patient with heat exhaustion who is fully alert should be encouraged to?
  Lie down with legs below the heart and ice packs to the armpits
  Vomit up whatever is causing the problem
  Continue sweating until they cool down
  Sit up and slowly drink a liter of water as long as they don't feel nauseas
3. You arrive at a restaurant to a call of a woman choking. You find her sitting in a chair - very pale and sweating. She states in a very hush tone that she has a piece of steak caught in her throat. You should immediately?
  Give her the Heimlich and pop the chunk of steak out
  Tell her she should not take such big bites
  Wait until she passes out and then give her abdominal compressions on the ground
  Encourage her to cough as it is likely high enough in the airway to expel it
4. As an EMT you may be charged with abandonment if you?
  Leave a patient who is triaged green to assist a patient who is coded red
  Do something to a patient that results in their injury
  Leave a patient without leaving them in equal or higher level care.
  Don't rescue a patient in a burning building
5. You are alone with just a driver that has no medical training. Which situation will not require additional resources at the scene?
  A 700 lb woman in need of transportation
  A woman with a hand laceration controlled by pressure
  Two people found unconscious at the scene with a strange odor detected
  A person who has had an episode of syncope due to chest pain
6. You are on your way to the call of an unknown injury accident and the temperature outside is around 30 degrees F. As you turn the corner onto the block where the call came from you see a family huddled up against a building sitting on the sidewalk . This family is likely loosing body heat from?
7. You arrive on scene with your partner to a slip and fall. The patient is a 49 year old male who slipped and fell while jumping out of a boat and onto a dock. After hitting the dock he fell into the water where his friends pulled him out. He is conscious and complaining only of pain in his left shoulder and he is laying supine on the dock. He is shivering and holding his elbow. The proper course of action would be?
  Cut off the wet clothing - high flow O2 - check PMS
  Load him on a backboard with c spine precautions - O2 and transport
  Put a blanket on him - O2 and traction splinting
  O2 - traction splinting and transport
8. When asking the patient "Does the pain move anywhere else" - this question refers to what part of the assessment?
  Pertinent medical history
  Pain reference
9. After applying a cervical collar to a patient and securing them to the backboard what must you check before transporting them?
  That you have enough guys to lift the patient
  Their PMS
  That the gurney is low enough to load them on
  If there is enough gas in the ambulance
10. During an assessment of a gunshot wound you should?
  Cut to and then through the bullet hole to access the trauma ASAP
  Look for who may have done the shooting
  Insert a gloved finger to determine trajectory
  Cut down a seam or place away from the bullet hole
11. A sphygmomanometer is used to measure?
  Depth of laceration
  Spaces between Q - R and S waves
  Blood pressure
  Distance of skid marks
12. Assault is used to describe behavior that ?
  Is threatening
  Causes fear of offensive physical contact
  Attempts offensive physical contact
  All of the above
13. You and your partner Mary are called to a MVA involving one vehicle and a moose. Your first concern should be.
  Getting the patient out of the car and away from the moose
  Calling fish and game
  Making sure the moose is dead before entering the area
  Scene safety
14. You have responded to the call of an unknown injury accident at Bob's Beer Emporium. You arrive to find a man who is belligerent and confused with a 6 inch gash in his arm. After several attempts at getting the man to let you treat him you decide the best course of action is...
  Restrain the man and take him to the hospital
  Call medical direction for advise
  To have your partner sign the refusal of transport form and get back into service
  Continue asking him over and over again until he lets you treat him
15. A gastrostomy tube is a tube used for?
  Draining fluid off the brain
  Draining fluid from the lungs
  Gastrosting a patient
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